Tru-Spec Tactical Jacket with MultiCam

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Tru-Spec Tactical Jacket with MultiCam
Price: $87.99
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Let’s get tactical, tactical. I wanna get tactical…

I clicked on this thinking it came with multiple cameras. I need my coffee.

**effectively limit the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating across a very wide range of physical environments and seasons. **

Yeah, those pesky deer are getting smart using those IR sensors to detect all those Elmer Fudds out there this season. This would give you hunters the edge I think.

Thanks… I’m not the only one who first thought the same thing. I thought, “where the heck do they put the lens?”

I have some multicam tops if you guys want them, bottoms too! All it took was a 12 month stint in the Army and an all-expenses-paid vacation to Afghanistan.

where the cameras? multicam? whats that?

I thought the same thing.

This looks oh so tactical even I would look spectactical !

You are not alone.

Me three. Thought I just couldn’t see the camera because of the strange patterns.

Multicam is the best. It’s all I’ll use for paintball. Works well in a number of environments

It’s cheaper on Amazon, plus you can get the Flag patch for $3.99.

We don’t see any lower priced comps on Amazon- we’ve found our model over there for $117-$170- could you post the link if you’ve found the same over there for less?

The material that this is made out of is no good for paintball it would get destroyed in a few games. Polyester spandex softshell is good for other sports that don’t involve direct impact

a must have for the tactical hipster.