Tru-Spec Tactical Range Apparel

It lists the measurements for long/short/regular sleeve but there’s no option to select either of those :frowning:

It’s the Tru-Spec standard sizing chart. It is a jacket and those do usually have long sleeves.

For the softshell jacket, which model is it? In the specs it says there are loop patches on the shoulders for adding your own patches but the images of the jacket are lacking them. Tru-Spec apparently offers those two variants but I wanted to double check which is being offered here.

The pair of coyote pants were not as described. Material was 65/35 poly/cotton. Ad description reads 100% cotton. only reason I shelled out for them. C’mon Woot!, check these suppliers out!

I recently ordered this jacket via in the “slate” color which appears discontinued by Tru-Spec.

Pretty sure it’s this model:

The loop patches on my jacket were not sewn onto the sleeves, but instead came in a ziploc bag in one of the pockets. I presume that if you want to use them, some sewing will be required. :slight_smile: It also came with what looks like a reinforcement patch for you to pin a badge to the jacket, if needed.

Since I’m not LE, it’s a bit more practical and less obtrusive for me to not have the loop patches attached.

A note about the sizing… it does run a little on the roomy side in the chest for a softshell jacket. This is presumably due to the listed feature listed on the website:

This is true… I can quite comfortably fit a plate carrier with hard plates under the jacket, so keep this in mind if your application is not “tactical”. The sleeves are true to length, if not a tiny bit long.

Good luck!

Yeah woot, my pants weren’t cotton either, I got a 65/35 blend. I thought I was getting a bargain, but I probably only saved about $4. SHipping reduces that to 1.50. Not a great incentive to stick around.

from the description page

7-7.25 oz. 100% cotton twill construction

bait and switch.

Did anyone order a S jacket but find they could use a M? I did the opposite… Would be happy to swap with you!