TruBamboo Bamboo Kitchen & Sushi Pack



Everything you need for sushi! …Except for bamboo sushi rolling mats. boo.


TruBamboo makes excellent quality products. I highly recommend them.


The manufacturer’s website.


$129.99 at


Doesn’t come with actual sushi?? Weak!!


Does this look like a man who would lie to you?


it comes with deodorant?


here’s some information on caring for these cutting boards


I prefer plastic boards because I can drop them in the dishwasher for sterilization. Further, there has been some discussion about whether bamboo boards will dull knives faster than plastic or other wood boards. The texture is different, so it will take time to adapt to it.


In for one because I love bamboo among other reasons.

Edit: I was getting ready to pull the trigger until I read info on the net about bamboo as a cutting board surface. Thinking about it now…


Woot, I would buy a ton of these if they were separated. I need lots of serving trays, but what would I do with nine cutting boards?


This set is pretty great, all told, but be careful with bamboo cutting boards. The blurb in the description about bamboo being super hard is absolutely, correct. In fact, it is too hard to be used for cutting boards. Bamboo cutting boards have been shown to dull knives used on them.

So, there you have it. You’ve been warned.


Alton Brown on cutting boards:


This reminds me of Molly Ringwald’s character in the Breakfast Club breaking out her sushi set to enjoy her lunch.


I don’t know, I’ve used bamboo cutting boards with a nice knife set for some time now and they seem to be fine. If they do dull knives faster, it isn’t very noticeable.

You do have to take care of them though. I had one split on me after a few months of use. (I put it in the dishwasher often).


Here’s some less painful advice about wood cutting boards from Alton Brown.


The “TruBamboo Miracle 8in1 Cure-All Bamboo-Fixing” oil is nothing more than mineral oil with a pleasant scent added. After you use up the wipes provided in the kit, buy a $1 bottle of mineral oil from the drugstore and apply it with a paper towel.

I haven’t noticed any knife-dulling problems with my bamboo cutting board, but I’m in the habit of sharpening my knives before each use. My guess is that unless you sharpen regularly, your knives are already dull and the bamboo probably won’t do a thing to them.

The reason why these aren’t dishwasher safe is that the board is made by gluing a series of bamboo strips together. Over time, the water will cause the strips to come apart. You could put this in the dishwasher, but don’t expect it to last much more than a year or so. If you hand wash (and dry it) after each use, then you can expect it to last forever.

Sanitization isn’t much of a problem since the bamboo is so hard, there isn’t anywhere for the bacteria to get into. And for anyone who thinks that the dishwasher is a sanitizing device, think again. The hot, moist environment is the perfect incubator for many pathogens.

I wash my board after each use with just water and a scrub brush. Then, once a week, I use soap and water and finish off with a thin layer of mineral oil.


I may be wrong, but isn’t putting wood cutting boards in the dishwasher not advised?
I have heard it ruins them and can absorb the cleaning chemicals and again ruin them and case the food you cut on them to absorb the chemicals taste.

Edit - I guess quantamm kinda answered my question. :]


What then of ceramic knives?