TruBamboo Bamboo Kitchen & Sushi Pack Woot Info Post - how many licks does it take?

TruBamboo Bamboo Kitchen & Sushi Pack [New] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

1 * TruBamboo Assorted Bamboo Kitchen/Sushi Pack

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TruBamboo Bamboo Kitchen & Sushi Pack
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 TruBamboo Assorted Bamboo Kitchen/Sushi Pack

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wheres my bacon salt?

does it come with cholera coated fish?

Is this set any good?

Bring on SOG knives

Love bamboo, hate handwashing

Eww, Sushi

Anyone else having wootalyzer issues this morning?

who wants to be bamboozled

might be in if this were a refurb

uh… $50 at sears. not a great woot. tru bamboo looks like they are putting these kits on clearance where ever they might be sold.

$100 @ Amazon

Who does sushi/sashimi at home


It’s super easy, and AWESOME for kids to help with.

They love it, and you can really enjoy building the rolls.

This kit is a good deal- it has the stuff you need. You can get along without some of it, if you must, but having the right equipment can help a novice.

Is it hard to make good sushi? People practice for years.

Is it easy to make mediocre sushi that my seven year olds think is awesome? Yes, it is.

And fun, too.

people who want to pee out their butt!

Shower finished and still Tru Bamboo. Yes!

I would if I didn’t live in the sticks. I couldn’t get fresh products here to even think about making sushi at home. otherwise I would buy this for my husband.

Does this include a rolling mat? That might arguably be the most important thing you need to make a sushi roll!