TruBamboo Kitchen



Tell us about your bamboo, as well as optimal care!


I just ordered from their website on Halloween (they were having a crazy awesome sale with free shipping) I got the 6 piece utensil set and a crushed bamboo cutting board not listed here. I was really surprised and impressed at how sturdy the cutting board was. The utensils are nice too.


This is one great Cutting Bosrd !
I bought one of these on Woot earlier this year and everyone wants to know where I found it !
Highly Recommended.


Picture of the trivet in closed position, linked to the manufacturer’s site.


Dishwasher safe?


The cutting boards I purchased directly from the manufacturer before recommend hand washing. I also had to purchase conditioning oil from them for the items. (I’d suggest the Woot! purchasers get some of this oil for the next offering, so we don’t have to search it out ourselves.)

That being said, I do like the quality of the products, as they are functional, right-sized, and very nice looking as well.


As something of a kitchen knife geek, I highly recommend bamboo boards. They require a bit of care, but they’re the best thing going, in terms of taking care of your blades & preserving your edge.


For what it’s worth, you can just use the mineral oil that’s sold in every drug store/supermarket in the country. (It is sold as a laxative - don’t use baby oil.) It’s about $5 for 16oz.

Woodworkers have been using this stuff to finish cutting boards basically since the beginning of time.


Just received my Bamboo Utensils and started using them, they look great and feel like quality.


i’m disappointed with the knife block. the upper slots are too close together for comfortable use, but not a huge issue. the main problem is the base. the knife slots are large, so not suitable for paring knives, which will fall right out. they’re also unusable for large knives, because the slots are only 2-3 inches long, meaning your blade will poke out the bottom and scrape your countertop.



Agreed! The knife block is really weird.

I clearly didn’t look at it closely enough, since I thought it looked basically like any other knife block. Which it is not… :frowning: