Truchard Napa Valley Merlot (5)

Truchard Napa Valley Merlot 5-Pack
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2011 Merlot, Carneros, Napa Valley
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Hmmm…Carneros Merlot. Something I’ve enjoyed a lot in the past. Any tasting notes from fellow wooters?

I’ve only had their Carneros Tempranillo, but at the woot price of $6/btl they were an absolute steal and are drinking wonderfully, if only I had additional.

No longer $6, but tempting looking at the numbers.

Hoping for some TN’s on this.

I could enable!
yet again


My wife and I had this wine on Monday night. Here are notes that I prepared before this offer went up:

Appearance: The wine was clear and free of sediment. It was ruby-red colored–much closer to a pinot noir in appearance than the darker purple of a cabernet.

PNP (at just above cellar temperature):
Nose: Initially, the nose was quite closed. Tough to pick out much except for oak/vanilla, and some initial heat/alcohol. After some swirling, I was able to pick out a slight vegetal smell, in addition to the oak/vanilla.

Taste: The initial taste is totally different than the nose. Unlike the nose, there is very little perceptible oak or heat on the palate. I could also not initially perceive any vegetal taste, despite the vegetal streak in the nose. The wine is tart and tastes of young red fruits–almost like biting into a fresh cranberry. My guess is that the wine will be relatively high in acidity, based on the mouth-watering and mouth-drying sensations from the wine. The finish is medium, at around 4 or 5 seconds.

We left the wine for a bit and had a dinner that didn’t really pair well with the wine. After eating and cleaning up, we came back to the wine to see how it developed as it warmed and breathed.

Nose: The perceptible heat and alcohol smell had dissipated. The slight vegetal streak I noted at PNP has developed into a dominating smell of green pepper. There’s still some slight vanilla/oak behind the green pepper, but it would not be noticeable if I weren’t looking for it based on my PNP notes. There is still very little fruit on the nose.

Taste: Like on the nose, the green streak has developed on the palate, which is now a balance of green pepper and cranberry.

In sum, for me, this wine was a bit disjointed tasting, which is probably not surprising from the tough 2011 year. The fruit flavors in the nose and on the palate were underwhelming for me. In the end, the cab franc in the blend did much of the heavy lifting here.

If you’re looking for a restrained, easy-drinking merlot that demonstrates some nice cab franc personality, this is your bottle of wine. My wife enjoyed this wine and found it imminently quaffable. For me, based on this price and staying in the same year, I prefer the deeper black fruit flavors of the Wellington 2011 merlot that has been previously offered here.


I had a friend visiting, so I decided that sharing this bottle with him and my housemate would produce several opinions. All 3 of us enjoy and prefer red wine. Myself I’m not much of a merlot drinker, so I do not know what the usual merlot should taste like.

We paired the wine with 3 different types of cheeses, and some strawberries.

Initial opening and pour:
On the nose: all 3 of us got some dark fruit, maybe dark cherries and raspberries. On the initial taste: we felt that the wine was tannic, it coated the tongue. The tannic flavor kind of overpowered everything on the first taste. For the second pour we ran it through the soiree, and then decanted the rest of the wine. The soiree helped reduce the tannins, so we decided to wait.

We tasted the wine both after 1 hour in the decanter, and 2 hours in the decanter. After 2 hours in the decanter, the tannins have mellowed out, and I would say the wine became pleasant to drink. I would say that the flavors seemed muted. My personal opinion is that this is a very drinkable merlot. I would suggest decanting it, and pairing it with food. The wine paired really well with fruit, and the goat cheese we had. It was pleasant on the nose, but seemed muted in flavor.


I tasted this wine on Tuesday, here are my notes:
The color was a dark ruby, with a purple hue. I had chilled the wine, so it was served at about 60 degrees. The initial sniff made me think of raspberry jam. First taste revealed a lot of cherry and wood flavor, with a nice tannic grip. I also got a little pepper and vanilla.

As the wine warmed up, I noticed more mint and cherry coke aromas, with a hint of blueberry. The flavor became more vegetal and drier tasting, with less of a cherry flavor. I also detected some violet (yummy!). There was a finish of chocolate/vanilla. The wine drank well on its own and with my rib eye. At 14.2%, I was pleased that there was no hotness to the flavor or nose. My husband and I agreed that this is a bottle we would gladly pay $25 for.

So, I’m trying to buy this offer, and just then saw it doesn’t ship to CT. I am sad. Everything used to ship to CT.

The winery must have a license for each state. This winery does not have a license for CT. Sorry.

And if they want to drink merlot, we will drink merlot

I am not drinking any ******* merlot!

It is a shame that that movie ruined the reputation of merlot in the US.(And sold a lot of crappy pinot.)

(As Miles,the main character, acknowledged with his love of Cheval Blanc)The Merlot grown in Bordeaux can be sublime.


This video hit the nail on the head: too many crappy merlots were produced. Got tired of paying too much money for too many bad bottles. Finally found a few I really like and I stick with them. Now there are too many crappy pinots.

Opened a Vicomte Bernard 2002 this week and it was enjoyable. And yes, now pinot has the same problem merlot suffered, too many producers pumping out crappy product. Got tired of wasting money on them.

Nice notes everyone, it’s good to see our community tasting notes returning in force. One of the things that sets wine.woot above the rest.

Was the vegetal note that you all mentioned consistent to you with typical cab franc or was it more a stemmy merlot?

Thanks for all the comments this morning. This Merlot is all estate grown on our vineyards in Carneros. We think it is a great example of Carneros Merlot with bright acidity and firm tannins - a bit more right bank in style than the soft, fruity merlots of the past. Please let me know if you have any questions about our Merlot.

The vegetal notes I encountered were totally consistent with the flavor profile of cab franc. Although a bit muted at first, they developed into the green pepper/tomato leaf smell and taste that I normally associate with Cab Franc.

I think that the vegetal aromatics (Violet/herb) are all Cab Franc. This wine consist of about 25% Cab Franc.