Truchard Vineyards Tempranillo - 4 Pack

Truchard Vineyards Tempranillo - 4 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
2 2004 Tempranillo
2 2005 Tempranillo

CT Links above.

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The 2006 is $25/bottle from the winery

Truchard Tempranillo 2004 at Snooth

2005 at Snooth (no reviews)

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Ken Hoggins interviews Anthony Truchard

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They were just featured on Rue LaLa. I still can’t get over how cheesy that rolls off the tongue.

This is the only Tempranillo, a hot climate varietal (think Spain), that I’ve ever seen from Carneros, which is famous for being a cool climate appellation. What makes this grape work in that climate?

At $10/btl, with some good reviews on CT and Snooth, this appears to be very good QPR. I could rationalize adding some tempranillo to my cellar, so let’s see what the labrats say.

Here’s a link to a review of the 2005 someone in Philadelphia picked up for $6.99. He didn’t like it even at that price point.

Truchards are great people and actually very good friends of mine! Over 80% of the fruit they grow goes to many great wineries in Napa. You just wouldn’t believe who they sell too. Their cabernets are more European in style because of the cooler climate which makes them most desirable for blending.

These wines are just yummy! BBQ Ribs!

About Tempranillo:




Winedrew you’re a delightful chap and all that I’m sure, but can you now and then offer a measured, or even critical opinion? I’d love to hear you rip something apart, even if politely!

I have had this wine. Warning they are very drinkable. This wine goes well with food but is very good on its own. This is a great deal as well.
I just bought wine last week and hope it comes UPS. Fed-ex ground is horrible. They come early in the day m-f only and you can only pick up m-f 9-5. I want to get these but afraid of Fedex.

Actually, Tempranillo does not like hot dry climates - it does like warm days and cool nights. In Spain that’s a relatively high altitude region with cool nights, in California, a place like Carneros or the Petaluma Gap/Sonoma Coast could work well.

I have had a few great Riojas over the years, but I find myself disappointed with most Tempranillo from California. Is this an exception? I don’t know.

Rioja is the one ine where fiery tannins and oak really work to a wonderful dark degree. I didn’t know it was Tempranillo, but thought it used hotter-climate varietals. Still, rpm will be correct!

Anyway, Are we to compare this to that Twisted Oak or whatever it was Spanish CA wine we had on a month or so back? Is this wine trying to be Spanish in style, or rather from the description perhaps more likely, Tempranilllo trying to pretend to be one of the usual CA grapes?


Good morning everyone! I had the pleasure of getting to be a labrat for this Friday’s deal which was very exciting! A fair warning that I have drank a fair amount of wine but am by no means even close to an expert. Also this was my first time trying a Tempranillo style.

I thought the wine was very good. The first thing I noticed was that it is very light for a red. It is easy to drink and my girlfriend and I found that our initial impression of “hmm this is good” grew to “I really like this” pretty quickly.

As for specifics regarding the taste of the wine, all I can say is that it was light and went really well with pasta and vodka sauce. Given its lightness I imagine it could go well with most foods. It is great by itself too as our first glass was pre-dinner. The wine has a very pleasant spice to it that is nice and subtle. The taste lingers a bit and is very nice on the finish. Overall not a very complex wine, but definitely enjoyable!

Hope I could be of some help!

(And I would buy this woot myself if I had not bought the last 2 Friday deals plus the Zins they offered earlier in the week… I am way over my budget!)

edit: I just noticed that the offer is 2 2004 and 2 2005, thought I’d mention that the one I tried was 2004.


Lab Rat Review- 2004

This was my first lab rat assignment- and I really enjoyed this wine (and not just because it was free!).

Now I have to put in the caveat that I’m no wine expert. I’ve done a few tastings, but that’s it. This wine is very fruity, and not too robust and smooth. The reviews, winemaker notes, and woot description say it has a mineral finish, but my palate may not be refined enough to notice that part.

I found it an easy to drink red- my three glasses paired well with pasta, halloween candy, and nothing, respectively. I’ve never had a Tempranillo before, and although out of the reds usually prefer Syrahs and Zins, much more than Cabernets and Merlots but I really liked this one. I’m actually considering buying it myself, especially at this price.

… stupid not being paid until MONDAY. UGH. My tempranillo glass is lonely. :wah:

I’m really thinking about pulling the trigger on this deal. I like reds, I like to try new wine and I really want to buy a wine from Woot!

And this is cheap enough that I’m not paying a lot per bottle.

Thanks rats…in for three. Holidays are near and seeing as this will be here in time for Thanksgiving and we usually end up at three places…

I will probably be in for 2 also, I like BBQ, so then I should buy some so that I make BBQ?