Truchard Vineyards Tempranillo Mixed - 12 Pack

Truchard Vineyards Tempranillo Mixed - 12 Pack

$69.99 + $7.00 shipping

CONDITION: Red (Mixed Years)


4 2003 Tempranillo
4 2004 Tempranillo
4 2005 Tempranillo OR 2006 Tempranillo (selected at random)
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Edit: Il Cesare is away from the Internetwebz tonight, but should be back on Sunday.

2005 or 2006 is a pretty big surprise… but not for the cheapest case offering EVER

A $77 case? Cheapest yet?

Why go all in on the random vintage, though? Why not mix up the last four and say we’ll get four bottles beyond the '03s and '04s, zero and four of which will be 05’s and between zero and four of which will be 06’s? It’s just unfair to those of us who compulsively collect verticals.

Had to buy this one…hope I like it!!

uh, 8 yo temp? outside the drink-box, or no? please comment.

The 2005 is $25/bot on the winery website, this is the best deal I’ve seen on Woot ever!

Edit: Previous Offer had it for $40+5 for 2 bottles of 2005 and 2 bottles of 2004

Is it possible to change this woot? please?

I am guessing that either 2005 or 2006 is very limited. If not please consider having at least 1 of each 2005 and 2006 in the deal.


Well, I liked the Truchard I bought before… at, what, twice the price? But, man, I really don’t have room for another case. Although I guess I could just give half of it away. Hm.

Last wooter to woot: evillica

too cheap to resist!

Looking to split with Bay Area peoples…can’t take the whole case at the moment, but half I can probably sneak in somewhere.

Did someone leave a 1 off the price? Seriously. 2006 is only one listed on the website and it is $25 per bottle.

Im interested but will wait to see more info from winemaker and labrats.

I think you will definitely enjoy the wines. In celebration and preparation for the woot launch, the staff here at Truchard and myself just tasted through the vertical 03-06 Tempranillos with tapas at Zuzu’s here in Napa. Each wine had their merits and the bottles were quickly emptied.

Great wine for a great price! Best deal ever!



CASES at a time. Gotta dig a cellar. WOOT, you’re killing me!

I can not pass on this woot even though my state is not listed, I’m sending it through to a friend of mine in Minnesota. He will be surprised!

Alright, I’ll bite. I can’t really think of a more appropriate deal to snag my black box on. Even if it sucks, tempranillo makes some great sangria…


Lab Rat Right Before Bed

When I got the email letting me know I was a rat on Wednesday I was absolutely thrilled and more than a little terrified. What if my darling neighbor, who signs for my wine and mocks me when she thinks I’m ordering too much, isn’t home to receive it? What if I get something I utterly hate? What if I utterly FAIL at giving an accurate description?! It’s enough for Rat to need a glass of wine just to cope.

Fortunately at least on the first and second points, I was safe … my neighbor signed with only minimal mockery and the wine was the 2004 Truchard Tempranillo. I haven’t had a TON of Tempranillos, but I’ve enjoyed most of those that I’ve had, so I was very pleased.

It’s been ridiculously hot, so when I got home, I put the bottle in the fridge for a short while, taking it out when it hit 66 degrees. I popped and poured. The first thing I noticed was it smelled absolutely delicious - a lot of red fruit on the nose, a hint of spice and cedar. Very heart-warming smelling to me, it made me think of Christmas. The wine’s also a really gorgeous color, a deep red with a hint of purple.

I let it sit for about 15 minutes before trying it, mostly because I was sniffing it and typing up the above description before I tasted it and lost track of my impressions! The aromas faded over that time, still nice, but just a ghost of themselves.

On the first sip, I could taste a little vanilla, some red fruit (less than I expected, actually) There’s very little heat in this wine, too, it’s medium bodied and fairly smooth - the tannins are pleasantly mouth puckering at the finish but nothing overwhelming that suggests it needs a long decant or cellar time. Good, since I don’t have that option!

Deceptively easy to drink, actually, because as I take a sip of it I am realizing it’s the sort of wine I could keep refilling my glass with and next thing I know, the glass is empty. It’s not a complicated wine, but it’s balanced.

I had a couple of glasses over the space of the evening. With dinner - roasted chicken and vegetables - it was fine, but nothing exceptional. It didn’t overwhelm the food and the food didn’t overwhelm it.

An hour or two later on its own, it had really mellowed out and the fruit came forward, so it felt sweeter and slightly richer.

Drinking it toward the end of the evening, I’d basically decided that even though I was informally trying to avoid buying anything during summer shipping, if it ended up around 10 dollars a bottle, I’d seriously consider it. I figured it would be a great wine to drink when I didn’t have anything particular in mind.

So I was pretty much shocked when it showed up for less than 7 w/shipping and snagged my case instantly. The other years would have to be significantly off for it not to be an amazing deal.

I have just under half the bottle left and I’ll finish it up tomorrow - if there’s any major change, I shall report back! I hope that helps somebody

I got the 2005 and 2006 back in November. The '05 was definitely drinkable immediately. The '06 was alright, but probably could have sat on the shelf awhile.

After reading this, I’m glad I just bought my first wine.woot ever! Which vintage did you get to try?

Edit: Nevermind! I just saw the 2004, I don’t know how I missed it initially :confused: