Truchard Vineyards Tempranillo Mixed - 12 Pack

Are these guaranteed to arrive by Thanksgiving?

Seriously, I can’t see a situation where I don’t buy this, unless lab rats come back and say the earlier vintages are undrinkable.

Do you ever find yourself in Lake Tahoe or Carson City? I’d be happy to split a case, but I’m not planing to be in the Bay Area in the near future. Otherwise… I may have to grab a case even though I have the same problem… lots of vino and no more space!

Not cheap, but just an amazing deal we want to pass on to wine lovers and friends of Truchard - both old and new. I know you will enjoy! We had them today at dinner and they were all divine in their own right. Hope to see you in Napa soon, Anthony

I got the 2004! Which makes me happy, since I know that I’ll get at least 4 bottles of it! Imagine the torment of getting a '05 or '06, liking it and then rolling the dice …

Hi Michael WB, thanks for writing. Indeed, our 2006 vintage is at $25 on the website (also a great deal), but we implemented this short weekend sale to expose our great Tempranillos, a hidden gem in the world of Napa wines, to oenophiles everywhere. Our hope is that with this wonderful sampling you will become a Truchard aficionado.

For easy reference, I am including the link to our tasting notes:
You can select the vintage and varietal to get all the details. Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks for supporting my family’s wines and enjoy! -Anthony Truchard

The last Truchard Tempranillo we got on woot ROCKED! One of the girls in my office begged for a bottle but we accidentally went through all the bottles in one sitting. Great stuff!

Thanks for the shout out for our wines.

So you guys don’t do tours on Saturdays? Would love to come and visit!

I think i am going in for a case of this amazing deal.

Do you know what the drinking window is on these?

I happily stand corrected and am looking forward to enjoying these! Hurrah to woot and truchard for providing such an amazing deal.

It helps me. Thanks! In for one.

Is the allotment of 2005 and 2006 equal for the random selection, or this more like 70/30 or 80/20 etc…?

Sure, would work with me - working in San Francisco.

We do have tours on Saturdays by appointment. We are a pretty small staff here at Truchard and so there is not always someone over the weekend. If you would like to visit on Saturday, give us a call during the weekdays at 707.253.7153 and ask for me - “Anthony” and we can set something up. Would love to taste with you.

Ok Mr. amtruchard,

How come I wasn’t at Zuzu sharing this fabu wines with my friend?


I am thinking it has to be an error. I found the 2003 and 2004 on snooth offered at $25/bottle also.

I sure hope this package comes!!

We love Tempranillo here and have a couple of random cases already but definitely getting a case of Truchard because this offer is absolutely sick!

I thought the cellar tracker notes were quite decent - especially for a wine selling at $6.50.

Wondering if this woot will sell out since they sold 2000 bottles of the 2003 & 2004 just on woot previously and they are obviously selling it elsewhere.

Not an error my friend! This is the best deal ever for wine.woot!


I also got the fall Truchard offering and have very pleased with what I drank so far… I think our one rat caught the sentiment perfectly…you can expect to receive a balanced, comforting kind of wine!

And at this price!

Woot once again kills me as I have no room for another whole case right now…may be interested in a split though if anyone in the DC area is interested?

Thanks Anthony! I was going off on the info from your website.

Is my case here yet? :slight_smile: