Truchard Vineyards Tempranillo Mixed - Random 12 Pack

No Maryland? Oh, the horror!

2007 Tempranillo vintage is $25.00 ON THEIR WEB SITE

ahhh is this wine past the drinking window or something?

This is tempting. Can someone give some insight?

Once upon a time…

Wow, a great price if the wine is tasty.

BUT Y’ALL DON’T SHIP TO PA. Although other companies are shipping to PA now, please please woot, please ship to PA!

I bought this the last time, and I LOVE IT. I’d grab it now, but I’ve still got most of that case left, and these are all 2002-2004. How long will these last? (It takes me a while to get through a case by myself.)

This wine is tasty and an outstanding qpr. Bought last time through. Did not receive the 2002, but remaining years were all solid wines. In for another!

Might this be of some assistance:




OK in for 1, my 1st of the woot off day, where the hell will I put this. Ralph’s out here in Calie has a 30% off sale this weekend, bought 3 cases, great prices.

My local Kroger’s has fresh Pepsi products for 6.99 per case, but there is a manager’s special on some 3 year outdated product for 70% off.

Nutshell: CT says 2004 meh, 2003 drinking well, 2002 “Mature”, aka “drink now”

Got the '03, '04, & '05 last time, and I quite enjoy it. Very good for evening drinking and excellent food wine. Would be in for this if I weren’t holding out for some other wines right now. Also - this is slightly less than last time around since the shipping is $5, not $7.

Substituting here for Cesare…

Truchard Vineyards Tempranillo Mixed - 12 Pack

$69.99 + $5.00 shipping

CONDITION: Red (Mixed Years)


2 2002 Tempranillo
2 2003 Tempranillo
2 2004 Tempranillo
+6 (selected at random)

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Why are you not able to ship a case of this wild variety to Idaho? Usually ID is on the OK list.

I ordered this last time and we just finished the last bottle. Didn’t get the 2002 but all the other years were well worth this price.

These are great…only one I haven’t tried is the 02. I have no space for another case but if there was md shipping I would be sorely tempted!

Awesome deal! Got it last time, and enjoyed thoroughly. As long as you’re not expecting a “profound” experience (and remember what you paid) you get a lovely, well-balanced wine that pairs with red meats and sharp cheeses beautifully. It does benefit from airing or running through a Vinturi, which smoothes it out. Great PQR.

Look, I’ll take a shower and be right over. WE CAN DO THIS!

What do I need to do to store an entire case?