Trucker Hats?

Any idea when the trucker hats will go on sale? Did I miss them? Thanks!

Don’t think you’ve missed them, I’ve been looking every day, haha.
I hope they’ll be up soon. Mine placed pretty well in the fog so I’m very curious to see if it’ll be included in the sale (aka my first print). Fingers crossed!

Haven’t happened yet. They’re a little more time consuming, as we aren’t printing them. Keep your eyes peeled!

Good luck to you!!! :blush:

Thanks for posting. I was wondering the same thing.

Thanks! I figured that was the case. It took forever the first time mugs were done too.

I really like these alternative print media derbies -but I wish they’d go in your catalog, too. I’d love to be able to pimp my apron. :slight_smile:

I want to order some of the design s

They’ll be here pretty soon. It’s been a bit tricky since it’s a new product. We didn’t forget them, don’t you worry.

Yay! :smiley: