True Fabrications Duck Decanter

True Fabrications Duck Decanter
$24.99 $39.99 38% off List Price


Just put your wine in a blender… Seriously.
Or better yet, use that stick blender you bought here on Woot and then only used twice and just shove it straight into the wine glass.

I always like these guys…


I see a slight resemblance

At least it’s not a Duck Dynasty Decanter.

Is it me, or does this thing look like a male hospital bedside urinal?

Now that’s a great idea :wink:
I may just have to get one of the Duck Decanters now!

Or not…

Actually a better question is do you think it could ever be cleaned enough to use as a wine decanter?

OK, who but me thinks this suspiciously looks like a male urinal?

Nice looking decanter that is $35.30 on Amazon Prime (, so savings are what, $5? I might be tempted if it was $10, but $5 is just not enough of a difference. Pass.

Well said. I agree! :slight_smile:

Free shipping @ $35 and over so you don’t even need Prime for that price.

I’ve always wanted a decanter but don’t see that it would enhance my wino experience since my wine doesn’t last very long at all once opened. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, that’s a female bed urinal.

Here’s a picture of a glass one. It definitely looks similar. And yes, glass urinals can be cleaned enough to be used as wine decanters. Trust me.

My wife and I get a box cardboard decanter (and Rudolph-like spigot) with our wine.

I do that with my “Fizzy” Cab

Urinal… That’s the first thing I saw…

Thanks for the tip guys, I was going to buy this decanter but I picked up one of the glass urinals from the nursing supply place across the street instead and it looks really great and only 8 bucks.

Ok, you weirdos. I’m not giving quality posts for the urinal comments. That’s just gross. :tongue:

But … It doubles as a urinal! :]