True Fabrications Ice Tube Decanter

True Fabrications Ice Tube Decanter
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PRODUCT: 1 True Fabrications Ice Tube Decanter

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Now this is how a woot-off should go.

A half case of a previous offering that has had enough time to ship and have people try a bottle or two.

This followed by an accessory that is useful with the item everyone just bought. :slight_smile:

I like the design. Pretty smart.

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I am assuming this is not really going to work as a red decanter (even with the column out) due to the shape, correct?

So… you have to take the tube out to pour, right? Sorry, I just find it weird that there is no explanation of how it really works. Or maybe I’m just daft.


yes, please take the ice-tube out before pouring. Works great for ice tea too!

I must have missed this the first time it was offered.

The write up… It is MAGICAL. Thank you, woot-staff writers!

Agreed - and it worked for me, 2x of the rose, and 2x decanters…I needed an ice decanter or two.

Got this last time. It was truely awesome. Chills the wine notably faster than an ice bucket. Also in reference to using it as a red wine decanter. It works great as a vessel for holding wine which you’re pouring through a Venturi type aerator. Doens’t provide quite the surface area to volume ratio for reds that require hours of time to breathe, but for 20 bucks it’s very handy.

I really don’t know anything about decanting wine, so please pardon my ignorance, but does putting the tube in this thing limit the wine’s exposure to air? I thought that was the point of decanting…

Okay, let the scoffing begin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, it serves better as a pretty white wine chiller to impress your guests with than a decanter. This is why I bought two, to give one as a gift. :slight_smile:

Any idea when these will ship? I’d like to enjoy some cool whites while its warm out. I’m thinking some meaty rousannes and marsannes in this.

Mine still hasn’t shipped either. It’s my first woot, so I’ve been a little nervous.

No need to fret. Woot offs tend to cause shipping to get backed up. I was just getting impatient. Coincidentally, I just received shipping confirmation, although tracking shows it hasn’t actually gone anywhere yet. Also smartpost isn’t exactly quick.