True Fabrications Ice Tube Decanter

True Fabrications Ice Tube Decanter
$14.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 True Fabrications Ice Tube Decanter

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Is decanting white wine necessary? Or is this mostly about chilling it?

Man, that looks like it would be a fun thing to make pretty photographs with. Colored waters, different liquids…

No real need to decant whites. So I would guess this is more about keeping it cool.

Course I’m trying to figure out how the ice cubes stay in while your are pouring.

I’m not sure how the ice would stay in and I am not a big wine drinker but according to this website the price is right…

Ahhhh, you remove the ice tube before pouring.

I’m not a wine drinker, per se, but I’d love to put some Mt. Dew in there to show off.

But I’m sure that’s blasphemous so I won’t.

The ice “tube” is removal it seems.

This is weird. I almost bought such a decanter on WineEnthusiast earlier today. Guess I’m going in for the Woot version.

Thanks Woot.

This, Truly is, a Lie… oh,… pardon me, a Fabrication

Why in Sam Hill would anyone want to drink ice-cold wine?

Oxymoronic, anyone?

Any reason this wouldn’t be a red wine decanter by leaving out the tube?

Do you mean differently colored liquids? Just wondering…

fancy carafe would be more apt

Agree that decanting a white wine doesn’t make a lot of sense… but this would be a very cool way to chill a quality sake! There are similar ones I’ve seen that are specifically made for sake, but they don’t have as much capacity as this baby.

Not necessarily. I got a great shot of several types of absinthe which are all, nominally, green, but the long exposure revealed variations. Viscosity would probably have some effect too. You know, milk and country gravy are both white, but sure to make different outcomes. Like everyone leaving when you have a decanter filled with gravy.

seems like more of a double duty device… chilling with ice tube for whites and separately decanting for reds without the ice tube

…or, absinthe over sugar cubes and ice, which in itself, becomes a “milky gravy” in which to open the arteries of the mind…

As I just survived another day in the 110’s, I’m seriously thinking about getting this for reds-to keep them from boiling.