True Fabrications Tabletop Decanter

True Fabrications Tabletop Decanter
$14.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Tabletop Decanter

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This is what I’ve been waiting for!
In for one.

Folks this is a great deal!

i don’t know about the rest of you, but my wine has never come with any canters.

I can not even begin to count the number of times I’ve wanted a decanter to pop up! Gift Week is about to become my favorite week of the year!!! Thanks Woot!!!

Methinks someone writing the ad copy just liked writing the word ‘punt’. Seriously, it’s in the list of benefits like five or six times.

Tempted to get one of these for use as a vase, color the water and put a lightbulb up under it, thanks to the punt.

Yay. Been wanting this for a while now. By the time I got around to decide to buy one, WD had taken the link off of his signature.


Does anyone have any experience with this decanter? It seems too good to be true, with a price like this.

What a steal of a deal - nearly 50% off retail price!
Company Site - retails $29.95

I’m definitely in for one. Had this on my xmas list and now I can get it early!

Beautiful. I love the simple lines - but it’s still eye catching. And affordable - nice job woot!

Do! Make! Say! Think!

I always thought the space at the bottom was either to 1) look ‘fancy’ (read: decorative frufru) and 2) decrease the actual volume of the liquid and allow the company to charge you the same amount based on the size of the glass.

How interesting to know that “…The deep punt in the base works by increasing the surface area to entice the rich flavors and aromas out of the wine. This decanter works to improve your wine experience and features an angled mouth to increase the air exposure.”

I love learning new, random things! :slight_smile:

Beats the pants out of the pour through plastic gadgets.

What an awesome idea, Talesin!! Just might have to ponder of getting some of these now. Got more normal decanters than I can ever use, end up being flower vases, but the punt light idea is terrific! Thanks for sharin’.

Uhm, I hate to be the party-pooper here, but increasing the surface area of a liquid only increases the rate of aeration/“breathing” if the increased surface is actually exposed to air. Otherwise, you could just as easily aerate your wine in a very long and skinny decanter.

Beautiful design though, pretty tempted just to buy it for the eye-appeal alone.

I have never decanted wine and am really just getting in to drinking “better” (i.e. not two buck chuck) wine on a regular basis, but can I make the assumption that if you decant a bottle of wine you should plan on consuming the whole bottle that evening?

In for two already, just want to make sure I use it correctly when I get it!

Ain’t nothing a funnel and wine vacuum can’t handle.

Certainly no Riedel, but hell, you could buy 11 of these for the price of a similar look!