True Fabrications Tabletop Decanter

True Fabrications Tabletop Decanter
$18.99 (Normally $29.99) 37% off List Price
(1) True Fabrications Tabletop Decanter
Dimensions: Height - 10.5", Diameter - 6"


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For a moment I thought it might be a Klein bottle. Oh well.

Wow! I can’t believe I’m the first sucker.

Me: “Honey, do you have a decanter?”
Wife: “No.”
Me: Want one?"
Wife: “F*** Ya! The store wants $40 for one!”
Me: “Okay.”

Then I ordered two. I think these seem like a deal for $20.

This is a deal and a half, I’m considering buying a second as there is a small chip in mine. The ergonomic hole in the bottom is fantastic and makes holding and pouring a breeze.

I was hoping I could find my mother a gift not wine related this year. This made me cave.
In for 1.

Who doesn’t love an ergonomic hole in the bottom? These should sell like hotcakes!

hehe that’s exactly what I was thinking as i typed it :3

Reading my mind again, WD? My decanter had a terminal event when I was rearranging my cabinet yesterday.

Can anyone speak to how easy it is to clean this? BTW, has woot ever offered a decanter cleaning brush?

I understand your point however, I’d say I took a quality post (Woot staff’s designation, not mine) and enhanced the quality. Shouldn’t there be some sort of award for that? :slight_smile:

Buy a $2 baby bottle brush at Target/Walmart/$0.99 store/etc… But without a brush that fits in there, you can’t clean it :frowning:

I’ve had success cleaning difficult to reach locations in decanters with baking soda and ice (with a bit of water). Combine and swirl. Baking soda is a very mild abrasive, and also removes any residual odors.

I don’t know that I would use this method with an expensive decanter, but for a sub-$20 decanter, this is what I’d do.

I can’t even begin to imagine how thrilled WineFarm must be that decanters are back.

That said, for cleaning them a bottle brush works great, but also dishwasher detergent tends to be more aggressive than regular dish soap, so dissolving some in a decanter filled with hot water and letting it set often works wonders. And of course the occasional vinegar for water spots.

I shall ponder that until it’s too late.

ya know they really do double for a lovely vase…

I know exactly how you feel. You and I share the same boat.

Anyone know where these are fabricated? I tried looking previously and didn’t have much luck finding out.

My first concern was how much it would hold; the woot pix sometimes make small items look larger - kind of like a backwards right-side rear view mirror.
Anyhow, the “50 oz” size converts to 1479 mL - just shy of 2 bottles of wine. In other words, it will hold a bottle and still allow some room for swirling. I’ve just solved a few wish list quandries.