True Fabrications Urban Wine Rack

True Fabrications Urban 18-Bottle Wine Rack
$34.99 $̶7̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ 56% off List Price


Why do I stay up for wine, forgetting it’s Thursday!

Is assembly required? If so, how bad is it?

I do need another rack. Another *WINE *rack. Currently keeping overflow bottles in stacked shipping boxes, which is a pain when you want to get one out. Invariably it’s on the bottom. But you are not sure since you can’t see inside. So I am interested.

What is this made of?
Is it sturdy? i would be pretty mad if it all came crashing down with ~$400 worth of wine.

The bigger question might be: Is this (or any other rack) acceptable for short term (drink within the next year) storage, or should I be saving my money for another cooler?

Where is it going to sit? Most of my wine sits on racks in my basement. It’s cool enough that it works fine

Unfortunately there is no basement. Here in FL that would be an indoor swimming pool of sorts. It would be in a closet. A/C runs about 7 months, set at 76.

Depending on how long you anticipate storing before drinking, you need refrigerated racks, some may even rightfully claim you need that now.

I would say that 76 may be a tad high for the wine, but if you intend to drink within the next year it should be okay. Just have to be very careful of temperature spikes and from what others have said in the past, the most important thing is not necessarily the temperature itself, but that the temperature remains consistent and is not constantly fluctuation. Constant fluctuation of temperatures can be as damaging to a wine as high heat.

While your condidtions are not ideal, you will probably be fine for any wines you intend to drink in the near future.

As for this wine rack itself, it looks like it should be sturdy enough. True Fabrications generally puts out pretty solid products, so I wouldn’t have much concerns over the quality.

At about $2 per bottle for storage, the price is decent, but this definitely a no thrills wine rack. If you need something better bigger, there are better/cheaper (per bottle) options that can be found, but if you are looking for something in this size range, it looks like a decent deal.

Do tell, please!

The one that a lot of people around here use that can be found from the mothership (Amazon) is the Oenophilia 60-bottle one. This seems to be one of the best non-refridgerated options and if you are concerned about stability it can be anchored to the wall with two screws.

Speaking of per bottle price on storage racks I have used this one. Bigger and strictly wall mount so not exactly comparing apples to apples here but…

and this is less than a buck a bottle…

I have 2 of these if anyone in So Cal wants them for half off!

Do you offer $5 shipping? :wink:

I remember seeing your Amazon review and being surprised that you weren’t a fan. They work pretty well for me. I just added 2 more (not pictured), for a total of 12. I especially like them for their stackability.

close-up view

The True Fabrications rack being offered today is a good choice for someone who has a little less wine. :tongue: Buy 3 and store up to 54 bottles!

I am envious of your neatness, organization and supply!!!

Thanks, although the previously clear center area of the room has been overtaken by boxes of wine that didn’t fit in the first 10 racks, thus the need for a couple more, although still well short of having enough. Enough racks, that is… I already have enough wine. Not that it will stop me from buying more!

I would claim that, unless they’re consume this year wines. Those’d probably be fine. Probably.

yup, got a couple in the basement, not even screwed in, never shifted, nothing. wait, you know what, I think I did screw in teh one that had all the Caton and Wellington.