True Grit Petite Sirah (3)

True Grit Petite Sirah 3-Pack
$53.99 $105.00 49% off List Price
2007 True Grit Petite Sirah, Mendocino
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I opened this tonight after my 2 year old went to bed and after I got a bunch of housework done. So notes are 9pm and later.

The bottle was shouldered at around 8 and I started working on it at about 9:15 so it should have gotten enough air for our purposes.

This is a big bold PS, short and simple. Its got 7+ years from vintage and its showing very young still. Its a deep red/garnet in the glass with some minor sediment. The nose is still very big and seems quite young still. The primary notes are big cherry and blackberry flavors. A bit of spiciness and the slight hint of mint. There is no noticeable alcohol and not much oak.

The wine is dry, full bodied and smooth. It has medium drying tannins and seems balanced despite the huge fruit entry. It features similar flavors on the palate as the nose. Most noticeably the cherry and blackberry. The wine does finish rather long but tart finish.

It was interesting to note that the entry on this wine seemed slightly flabby but as it finished it got very tart. This wine is begging for a steak. Fred, I know you only do cabs but try this out. I bet it’ll expand your horizons. I had the 2011 mid last year and found this 2007 vintage much more approachable. The 2011 was a bit musky up front and a big wall of tannins. This goes down much easier.

Recommended at $20 and under.

At this age and this price, this offer definitely has my attention. But does anyone have any experience with this wine? I’m on the fence, but some positive feedback will likely change that.

Will do. Your detailed notes are always appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

My ex got me hooked on the Parducci (now Mendocino Wine Co.) vineyards when we were married and I have loved all their wines for the last 10 years. So much so I belong to their Wine Club :stuck_out_tongue:

The True Grit PS is particularly one of my favorites. Although this is not the reserve which has more bouquet and body to it, the regular True Grit is well worth it for a <$20 wine. As mentioned above, the older vintages seem to be better and the younger <5 years need some age to them.

Although I don’t have many posts here, I would definitely recommend it…particularly since this vintage is no longer available at their store.

A great wine from one of the long-time ProducerS. The really nice thing about this particular offer is that you’re getting it with a good deal of age on it, so it will be much more approoachable right off the bat.

I’m easily in for 3 on this, and thinking about using my other account to get 3 more.

I feel like I’m stealing from WineDavid at this price…

I’m looking forward to seeing the Parducci folks at D&D on Friday night!

Thanks for the notes, Cortot.

This stuff looks great, especially since it can be tough for our household to hold onto a good P.S. for enough years to benefit from its ageability.

I could be talked into a socal split on this, but I would need to order.

I’m always on the hunt for some Petite Syrah that I can drink now or in the next couple of years. This one seems to fit that bill. I’m on it!

We are moving pretty locally in April so will do most of the small stuff ourselves. Mrs. RX says no wine more purchases till after we move, to lighten our load. Pretty sure this stuff won’t be around in April. Sorry hun.

What is the drinking window?

I see CT says 2011-2013.

I’ll take 1.


Is there an extra?

No, all 3 are spoken for.

That’s what I like to hear!

Of course something tempting would show up right before D&D!! do I spend $$now? or wait til Friday? hmmmmmm

Umm… Both?

It’s blinking…

well it was… I finally stopped packing… and it’s sold out…