TRUE Linkswear Men's Golf Shoes

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TRUE Linkswear Men’s Golf Shoes
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I’d like to buy these but sizing seems inconsistent,

Does this shoe run true to size?

As stated on the product page, these do run true to size.

I have a slightly wider than normal foot, so I would generally buy shoes a 1/2 to a full size bigger than I needed. I think one of the reason people think the sizing is inconsistent is because True Linkswear is very wide in the toe box. Therefore, people like myself, end up having a ton of room in the toe, compared to a normal golf shoe that is more of a tapered fit. If you’re a runner, I would buy the same size True Linkswear shoe as you buy running shoe. People generally buy a running shoe to fit properly, so they don’t slip front to back in the shoe. I will say that I own the phx shoe, but based on the description, I would say this will fit the same way. The bonus of this vs the phx is the waterproof warranty.

I own two pairs of TRUE golf shoes, and these are by far the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever owned. They’re very light and the best part is the wide toe box, which not only provide more comfort, but also makes it easier to balance on your toes while you pose after a great shot. All shoes should be made like this. And they make size 15!

I agree with this assessment of how these fit. I wear size 12 normally and 11.5 fits perfectly in my True Linkswear shoes.

Confused?? Help me with this running shoe analogy and large toe-box thing. He seemed (not sure) to indicate that he needed a 1/2-size larger for wider than normal feet. You say agreed and then say 1/2-size smaller fits perfectly. Which is it? The web site says ‘true to size’. Golfwrx link posted earlier is all over the board, but addresses other styles too. Woot doesn’t do exchanges - any advice?

I have 3 pairs and I normally wear either a 10 EE or a 10.5 normal shoe. With the Truelinks, I wear a 10 and it fits perfectly due to the larger toe box. True to size depends on what you’re comparing, I believe, and if you know your foot’s wider near the toe is the reason for the extra .5 size, then these would run smaller. This is all anecdotal as I can only tell you from my personal experience.

You buy running shoes to the length of your foot. Often times with shoes that you don’t have as much force in, you can buy sizes as much as a size or size and a half longer, if the width of the shoe tapers to your foot width. So if you checked the position of the toe in the toe box, there may be room at the end, but it doesn’t bother you, as the shoe doesn’t slide walking around due to foot width. If you did the same thing in a running shoe, you would start to slide around due to the amount of force your foot puts on the shoe forward and backward. The width would stretch and in time the shoe fit would get sloppy. The reason I used the analogy, is the toe box on this shoe is quite wide. Therefore, if your foot in a saddle shoe normally snugs up in the width, instead of the length, you are not buying the shoe size for the length. Here is a top view of a footjoy golf shoe:
Here is a top view of the True Tour

If you look at the toe box area, on the footjoy, it is tapering to a point, while the true is very rounded and wide. I often times look at my true’s and think they look like clown shoes, compared to the saddle footjoy’s I had before.

The way you could know for sure is to go to a store that carries the True’s and try them on. Outside of that, there is no way to know for sure. Nature of the beast with woot.

This is very helpful, thank you. In for one…there is always ebay if it doesn’t fit.