TrueBlue Bluetooth Headset

Is this good ?

It gave me ear cancer. I highly recommend it.

No. If you shop around (even or have some from better brands and that are overall a better product for the same price or a little cheaper. Also in the last wootoff there were 5, 10, and 15 dollar ones.

A suggestion for one that is only a few dollars more is the Jabra BT350. I owned that headset for years and even phones that are picky about pairing (re Samsung A900, RAZR and a few others) had no problems with it. I only lost mine because it fell off while I was on a road bike tour.

sorry woot, got your refurbs the other day too.

Looks like a micro shoe polish brush?

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New TrueBlue Bluetooth Headset, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x TrueBlue TB-33-ML Silver or White Bluetooth Headset

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Not another Bluetooth Headset! If everyone would please buy this, perhaps we would all have one, and Woot would stop pushing them, and perhaps we would see unique products. This must be the twentieth time I have seen a stupid earphone thingie.

retro styling. 1984 maybe?

Ha! Look at the map! Kalifornia is buying them, because the Marxist government there has made it a crime to use your cellphone by holding it up to your ear. Interestingly, it is still legal to TEXT MESSAGE in your car in Kalifornia, and it is still legal to DIAL a cell phone in your car, and it is still legal to hold a banana up to your ear in a car, and it is still legal to hold a cellphone up to your ear as long as it is OFF in Kalifornia. RING RING RING RING, BAANANNA PHOOOONNNE…

In the description:

This is pretty good! Most headsets have a talk time of about 4-6h.

As a teenager, I would look like a tool wearing one of these anywhere even when I drive, and I have seen enough on woot sites to make me sick of them by now (maybe I should stock up for when I’m like 30 (even though phones wont be bluetooth by then =o)

Jealous much?

Some jerk customer tonight came into the restaurant I work at and talked on this thing while ordering her food. And then when she’d say stuff and I’d get confused she’d get annoyed. I hate these things.

I bet TrueBlue licenses the style and inner workings of this from Samsung and put a slightly different body on it. It looks very much like the Samsung WEP200 or WEP210.

… having your phone in your hand at all is grounds for getting ticketed and fined. not just calling and talking.
and if CA was Marxist, it wouldn’t be the number one economy in the United States (number 8 in the world out of all nations). The only state actually pulling its weight.

anyways… this headpiece is good if you don’t have one already. Doesn’t work with the PS3 for those of you thinking about that.

I thought this was tongue in cheek, but no, it’s probably not.

It’s just too bad.

I only use mine while driving and it help a lot.

If this were a headset and usb adapter, i would get three.

usb bluetooth adapter, bluetooth headset = VOIP LOVE!

$25 for a TrueBlue?? Better deals are to be had.

Thanks anyway woot!

As a human, anyone would look like a tool with this on their head. I wouldn’t put it on my dog.