TrueBlue Bluetooth Headset

You know, I have a bluetooth headset, I can never remember to charge it.

Looks like a POS… at least it’s continuing a theme.

Ugliest BT set I have ever seen.

It seems they don’t since noone is buying!

Bought this bluetooth before, and it is horrible, ear plugs don’t fit in easily and lot of static noise. Returned it after 1 day

got one

Is this bluetooth headset any good?

All Hail BOMGAR!!

Very stylish, kind of like a Tic Tac Box

Why would you tell people to NOW buy??? You want these to stay for hours???

I think my cellphone’s smaller than that

Sally, is that you??!?!

… I love the blog

do you think it’d work alright with for home use with a PS3?

these are not refubs so you wont get ear herpes!!

What about cell phones in general??

Looks too big… like wearing a cereal box on your ear.

DO NOT BUY these… spend the money and get good ones. you will get bloody ears!! well no quite… but don’t waste your money.

Only if you crush it, roll it, and smoke it.

who would have thought you could look like you’re talking to your imaginary friend AND have a waffle maker attached to the side of your head!?

Looks like it clips on to the inside of your ear.

Hmm… I thought gold or platinum teeth were the way to go…