Trueblue Bluetooth Headset

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Trueblue Bluetooth Headset
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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At first I thought that it was a bluetooth keyboard because of all of the dots.

now i can talk to myself without suspicion.

micro usb charging…only type I like

Because we need more crazies tagged and released?

edit: silly censor

I think the keys on that keyboard may be a bit small for my fingers

Whoa! Had to do a double take there. For a moment I thought it was some funky little Bluetooth keyboard with little tiny keys.

Great for confusing people in a crowded room.

6.99 with a $20 rebate, then I’m in for 3.

I would name them whitetooth,
sounds more better, what with personal hygene and all.

It’s not blue, that’s false advertising.

Sometimes I put one of these in my ear when I talk to myself to throw everyone around me off.

Bought one last woot off and while it has to have its own charger it works pretty good. The plastic ear piece can be a pain but it’s worth the price.

This mini keyboard has voice-to-text-to-voice again capabilities. Now that’s some amazing technology.

The woot-off was moving too quickly for me to keep up (and do work at the same time) until this item came up…

Woot! I already told you! I only buy my bluetooth headsets if they have a rebate!!!

AND it’s not a tooth neither.

And it’s from Austria!

That effing write-up has me laughing so hard I almost can’t type! Good job, w00t writer…hope they’re paying you enough!

Meanwhile, srsly, w00t? Who really needs this horribly awesome crap unless they live in a basement?