Trueblue Bluetooth Headset

ugliest bluetooth ever?

I’d buy one just to make them go faster… but I might look like a tool from 2005

Oh god… there’s so many.

oi vay…i need one of these for the Big Orange Cadillac

Undercover Brother, i presume?

I’m not metrosexual enough for this…

looks so small, and with no ear hook you will loose it when someone slaps you for looking like a douche-bag.

Dang woot filter!

Ok, it looks a little bit like a mattress. I’m going to take that as my hint and get some sleep :confused:


Couple bucks cheaper than Amazon…

There’s an earloop don’t you worry.

Well… living in California where you can get a big ticket for talking while driving, I think I’ll get one of these to stick in my car so I can chat without worry. Yeehaw!

What tipped you off? the oi vay?

I’m guessing there’s 80 of them.

Just bought three. I also live in California.

Im going to bed. I should be up right around the time these sell out.

Anyone know the quality of these things? I’m looking for a decent Bluetooth headset for use with my PS3. I don’t want to drop $50 for the Sony licensed one. This seems like a cheap alternative.

I think you need a bigger signature. Maybeone about religion.

Glad you read the fine print! SHAZAM!

Leave the guy alone. His signature picture is fine.

lets keep this place nice. Just a suggestion.