Trueblue Bluetooth Headset

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Trueblue Bluetooth Headset
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’ll take the one over in sellout

Looks like a good deal. Almost $15 at amazon.

I bought this one last time it was on a woot-off… it didn’t last very long. The charger and it didn’t really like each other to start with, the red light would only sometimes come on to show it was charging. I put it in my purse and I didn’t think I was too rough with it and I broke the little ear piece that goes around your ear? Then the little rubber part came off in my ear, and from then on, liked to come off here and there. Then it would turn on, on it’s own and never act like it was fully charged… Ended up in the junk drawer.

I bought three last woot and it’s a decent deal. It works, so if you want a cheap bluetooth earpiece, this one is good. If you’re an executive of some big company, probably should get one that says you’re a rich.

+1 on your sig, but how do you edit your signature? D: I want to stick yours in mine (no homo).

ETA: Edit, you can’t say homo? That’s homosexual; I meant to say ‘no homosexual’, but minus the ‘sexual’ part. Also, I figured it out.

Also, it’d definitely nap time.

Nap time?


Ditto. I bought two last time, neither worked. Seemed like the problem was with the charger or maybe the battery (which, according to the manual, is non-replaceable).

I’ve never considered myself important enough to warrant this type of appendage stuck to the side of my head.

Did you know that it’s actually spelled “straitjacket”?
It’s become acceptable to spell it with the gh, too, but it’s derived from the same word as the geographic straits. It means something akin to “narrow,” but I can’t remember precisely.

If I stay awake through this item, and then another Roomba comes up…well, I don’t know what, but it won’t be good!