Trueblue Bluetooth Headset

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Trueblue Bluetooth Headset
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’ve been meaning to get a bluetooth for driving n such… Anyone use this model?

Cheap ass blue teeth. I’m in for three. (my wife has lost at least six this year) shit fuck ■■■■ ■■■■■


Silly word replace has me trying out different naughty words in preview

hyuk lol

I a $5 dollar head set, quality will reflect this. No testing required.

I’m just waiting for the omgomgomgponies statements. Side note: whoever thought that would be a cool trend to start deserves to be taken out back and shot.

Why are people buying only one?

It’s yuk.
It’s boxy and square…
It’s plastic-y and poorly built.

G-d damnit … it’s CHEAP!!!

So, if you need a cheap headset to throw around, and don’t give a flying leap about the quality of the thing.

Buy Three.

I’m buying one, to make into one of those old-phone handset bluetooth things the hipsters like so much now.


from the blurb … “A range of about thirty feet and 120 hours of talking time”

120h talk time … that size and only $5 … yeah I don’t think so.


Bah… down by the bullet points… that seems more reasonable though still a touch high for $5.

Talk Time: 5 Hours
Standy Time: 120 hours standby time

Omgomgponies I could not agree with you more. Id even add a cat photo if i wasn’t on my Droid Charge…

Woot has officially made $500,000 during this wootoff.

Would have made more if they sold more bags of crap than crappy computers

Amazon Link

omgomgomgponies omgomgomgponies omgomgomgponies Just to make your day feel complete

Got 3. I go through these like crazy. I need cheap, These are the reason I peeked at WOOT in the first place today, thinking just maybe they would be selling some, and then its a Woot Off and I’m missing it. yeesh

It would make a cheap… Well anything… But would be a nice (cheap) PS3 headset.


I got this headset free with a new phone purchase about a year ago.

Its a junky clunky headset, the has poor battery life, awful audio quality and the range is questionable.

So worth 5 bucks? haha.

no, he got it cheap as free.

Well gee… if only my phone had 120 hours of talk time I’d be in for 3…