TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank 12-Pack & Cedar Wrap 24-Pack Bundle

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TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank 12-Pack & Cedar Wrap 24-Pack Bundle
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank 12-Pack
  • 1 TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Wrap 24-Pack

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Well, this is crap to wake up to.

Woot wood.

Morning W00T wood!!

Why, Woot gods, why?

Sometimes waking up to wood is a good thing.

Wow, compared to the recent Woots for these cedar thingies™, this is a bargain because it includes a plank. Too bad most people, including myself, find them utterly useless.

Mmm, yummy! Cedar plank to make an expensive slab of wild salmon taste like it was grilled in a hamster cage. No thx.

This was freaking on here like 10 days ago! Low blow.

These sure do come in handy when Pappy hauls in the lunker o’ the day…

Or if you need to make the house fire claim look accidental.

Cherish the Woot wood. Savor the aroma it gives your microwaved spagettios. Think of the decorating possibilities in the entryway of your apartment. Ponder the medical applications it has among tribes living in the headwaters of the Amazon. Consider printing whale-saving educational materials on it and distributing it outside school yards. Gosh, truely Woot wood is glorious.

giggity giggity giggity

It’s not just waking up to wood. It’s waking up to 12 similar versions of the same wood.

What happened to the Breville coffee maker? It disappeared when I went to order it.

There were only 2 up for grabs


Hey Here is Cutting boards for every one in the family on a Budget Price . wheeee .And even air fresh for yer closet .And with these you wont have to worry bout moths in yer kitchen lol.

Picked these up a few months back, sans the wraps. Really great price for a dozen of the planks, even without the wraps. These planks are fantastic - and we’re re-using them 5-6 times so far - grilled sliced potatoes, salmon, chicken, shrimp, asparagus, & sliced sweet onions so far. The recipe for the spice mixture included on the package is very good, too.

Unless its not your own wood =/