TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank – 12 Pack

I bought these last time and I love them! Forgot to soak them last time though, so my salmon was a little smokier than I expected.

I also have those Fire Wire grilling skewers but I haven’t tried them with the grilling planks. Seems like they might be easier to handle on the planks. And the food would be tastier!

These are an excellent deal!

Ok, back to the woot wood jokes.

its for real man real grilling, the kind with fire and flame

Has anyone tried soaking these in a liquid other than water? Beer, bourbon or wine perhaps?

These are hands-down the best cedar planks we’ve ever used, and at a fraction of the cost, to boot!

To people asking if they’re reusable, we’ve been able to get at least two uses out of each plank when prepped according to the directions.

And they made the tastiest piece of Copper River Sockeye salmon that any of us had ever tasted. Bon appetit!

The skewers have to sit on the grill until they reach 180 degrees, then you move the tips off of the grill to cool down before you pick them up.|B000IL828I&CPNG=patio%20garden&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

target has a 4 pack for $17…

hmmm, $17 for 4 or $13 for 12…tough call

The Art of Planking from The Cedar Grilling Guys…

makes great firewood.

I hadn’t thought of doing that, but I think they would work out well soaked in beer. Not so sure I’d want them soaked in a high proof liquor for fear of catching the plank on fire.

And here are a few Recipe Ideas

I thought cedar was used to keep moths out of the closet?

Will this deliver in time for 4th of July?

Are these just good for fish or are they good with other things as well?

Last time these were offered here, they sold out pretty quickly, so I wouldn’t ponder too long…

I’ll bet I’ll get a woot! imprint on my meat when I grill with these.

I picked up some of these the last time they were offered. I used them with some salmon and it was delicious!

Word of caution: be sure to soak them long enough and thoroughly. I didn’t think to weigh them down under the water, so the one that floated on top ended up charring a little more than I would have liked.

I got the planks a couple woot-offs ago and they’re fabulous. You can sometimes reuse them, if you didn’t burn them too badly the first time and what you cooked on them. If you cooked fish the first time, you may not want to cook chicken on it and get the fishy flavor. But, they are wood, and cannot be used too many times.

I soaked mine in a combo of water and wine, so the plank took on some of the winey flavors which translated to the fish.

However, at about a buck a plank, totally worth it.

ps. Yay for me! Quality Post!!

How about meats other than fish? What goes good with cedar?

Great link. I’m a novice at grilling things but the descriptions are great and the pictures really help.

Electric may be out, but will these work on my gas grill?