TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank – 12 Pack

Awesome for salmon…

Or, another 2 gig media player Sansa…I don’t have one of those yet…

Please ???

I wonder if these can be used for any other purposes.

I’ve always wanted some woot! placemats…

Bought these a while back on woot. I think they were on a two-for-tuesday though. They totally have woot printed on them and the parents loved them for their everyday grilling needs.

Ok so WHY do I need 12 of these? Are they one-time use only?

Good to know - thanks!!

first- ooo woot branded. second- fail on the skewers link- can you say update…

i love salmon that has a hint of hamster cage flavor

More importantly…flying monkey didn’t bring the woot off to an end!

Don’t they make food taste like moth prevention? He’s got a gas grill – OK?

This makes me wish I had a grill! Looks delicious.

Please people… buy these… maybe we will get some more Monkeys, no chance of another BoC… :slight_smile: X-Mass is coming!!!

These are delicious, much better than the woot jerky.


I’m thinking about getting wood.

I second that question: do they work well on gas or are they strictly for charcoal? Could you use them in the oven? Thinking they might be a nice gift for my impossible-to-buy-for dad…

Plank grilling is amazing. Do it right and you’ll be stunned. Yes, the planks have Woot burned in, which somehow makes everything taste twice as good as planking with regular planks.

If I buy this, will I then be a seasoned Wooter?

buy 2 and it works out to about $1.05 per plank with shipping.Is it worth burning a dollar to add the flavor?, you decide.

Yeah, once you cook on it, it gets dry…and therefor burns to ashes :slight_smile:

when u use em, you soak it in water for about 1hr beforehand, that keeps it from burning. but the water just wont soak in after you grill on it, plus they get warped from the heat