TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank – 12 Pack



I’ll use this to grill all those keyboards I just bought


Know how to eat grilled carp? Baste carp on plank with lemon butter. Turn twice baste again. Throw away carp, eat plank


Waking up early finally paid off; these are what I’ve been waiting for.


Do they work as cutting boards too?


Excellent for roofing and siding and you can even cook on them. Just not when they are on the roof.


No, you should not use them as cutting boards. Just throw them on the grill with meat on top! yumm


These are nice…good thickness… bought them when they were $15 a year ago. In for 3.

You could call these a “smoking deal”… :slight_smile:


Well, they are a smooth piece of wood that isn’t your counter, so yes.


I hope it comes with the Woot logo on them!


Sweet! Only have a couple left from the last time!


They do


Well, in the summer time you could.


How many times can you use these before having to pitch them? Do they really work?


I’m getting board . Sorry, someone had to.


I wonder the same thing. If these are indeed reusable, the deal makes sense.


These planks work really nice in my closet. I have also cut some up and put them into the dresser drawers.

Much nicer and less expensive than purchasing cedar from the lumberyard.


They do really work, and are great for white meats and fish.

You can use them once, but you can be creative… I take the used boards and burn them up in my smoker.

Not really reusable because the bottom will get charred as you use it… that’s how they work. :slight_smile:


With most cooking planks, they CAN be used more than once if they don’t get too charred (don’t sit them on a flame), but the first time they’re used is always going to be the best.


Try these with some Copper River Salmon when it comes in season (May/June). Incredible!