TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Wraps - 24 Pack Woot Info Post grills a mean sausage!

TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Wraps - 24 Pack [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Wrap 24-Pack

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Just don’t invite any moths to dinner.

And if you’re sick of grilling, these make great shingles to flavor rain water!

24 for Tuesday??

But I’m not a gourmet, so I don’t care what they wrap it in…

Product Website:

Are they reusable?

Can I use these for smoking?

Can’t argue with the price… knock on wood.

Note: these are not cedar planks; they are wraps…

Will they give whatever I’m cooking a nice cedar taste?

Man, I think that may be the most delicious detail picture we’ve ever used.

AWESOME!!! Hopefully they get here quick, cause we have a huge cookout this weekend!

Great for when you want your food to taste like a cough drop.

From the description:

Infuses food with cedar flavor

Food emerges moist and succulent"

… and repellent to moths.

Seriously, can these be used inside drawers to repels moths?

Whats the difference between Cedar Wraps and Cedar Planks?

These look really good-especially since there is no disclaimer that the salmon in the pics is “not included”…so that means SALMON TOO!!! Woot! :stuck_out_tongue:

I use them moreso for keeping the flavor in whatever you are cooking. Like if you season your food, wrap it, then cook it, it helps ensure the food doesn’t get dried out and keeps it very flavorful. These things are great… seriously. If done the way I do, a hint of cedar is there, but it doesn’t overpower or anything. It’s actually quite pleasant.

great presentation (to hide the bad cooking)
i just love the taste of cedar on the grill.
keeps the moths away too.

What are the difference between the different colors? I know that different woods are different colors but they are all cedar.

Now, that’s a quality post.

I’m not a big gourmet, but even I can figure this out. I’m in for three, as I also use things like this in non-food projects.