TruePower 3-Key Lock Box/Alpha Key Style Key Safe/Door Knob Hanging Padlock

How can there be 10,000 combinations?
Ten choices at each of the 3 character psositions = 10 times 10 times ten or 1,000 choices.

Well, it’s letters instead of numbers so that gives you 26 choices instead of 10.

But that still only gives you 2600 possibilities.

Hopefully the manufacturer is better at engineering than they are at math.

Their site with the same text.

Valid point about there being more choices in the alphabet, but they cannot fit even half the alphabet on one of the wheels.I expect they kept the same mechanism as the number locks have, and substituted letters for numbers as a gimmick.

NOT a deal.
$6 less expensive on Amazon - $12.99 shipped with Prime.

^^^ This - Amazon reviews indicate there are only certain letter choices. Otherwise, fairly good reviews confirming you get basically what you expect with this. Just know there’s not a whole lot of space in there, and large keys (fobs, etc.) likely won’t fit.