TruePower Portable Toilet

TruePower Portable Toilet

Not a bad deal IMO. And FWIW, if anyone is SERIOUS about being prepaired for emegencies, these work way better then a 5 gal bucket from Lowes or Home Depot. Just saying, I keep one of these on hand in the event the house gets wiped out or we have to bug out. I don’t mind dumping in the woods but the wife not so much LOL, so one of these, stop off at Wally world or camping world get some blue pills (treatment), some “special” TP and stick this on a shelf, in the basement or off site storage, and at least have a way to do your business. Now, if you REALLY want to go all out, you get one of those popup “shower rooms” that looks like this but not so big or expensive, lots out there, and you are all set for privacy (and the ability the change or even take a shower). People stock food, water but forget to load up on TP (as we seen over the past couple of months) zip lock bags and trashbags (even smaller bags that you would normally never use). Stay safe. …


When you flush the commode, the 3 way nozzle also does a decent job of keeping the bowel clean.

So to be clear, it will clean my bowels?

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BOWL!! It’s supposed to say BOWL!