Truffle Butter and Duck Fat (3)

Aux Délices des Bois Truffle Butter and Duck Fat 3-Pack
$34.99 (Normally $41.00) 15% off List Price
(1) Aux Délices des Bois Truffle Butter and Duck Fat 3-Pack includes:
Black Truffle Butter 8 oz.
White Truffle Butter 8 oz.
Natural Duck Fat 7 oz.

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Product website

Holiday season is here.

Bring on the Cavedoni!

I can verify the quality of the black and white truffle butters, though I really prefer the white. Unlike many white truffle oils, it doesn’t seem excessively reliant on synthetic flavors. Costco had a two-pack of the butters (no duck fat) and I went back for more.

I’m interested in seeing the ingredient lists.

I’m sure it’s tasty, but I have to admit I laughed when I read today’s Wine.Woot offering.

It sounds like an exclamation a goofy cartoon character would make.

“Truffle butter and duck fat that was close! That saw blade nearly cut us in two!”

Do these freeze well?

Yes, they can last a long time frozen and used sparingly. In for 1 again. Great stuff.

How much was it at Costco? And two of each butter (ie, 4 total) or just one of each?

Duck Fat? Fuck Dat.

What do you do with duck fat?

It appears that wine.woot is skipping the International Tempranillo Day festivities this year. :frowning:

Use it just like you would with butter or bacon grease. The stuff is fantastic.

Maybe the plus offering tomorrow?

How are these shipped? Do they stay cold (or need to)?

Lol Duck Butter I will not eat

I’m Chef JoAnna, and I approve this message.

But seriously, is this stuff shipped cold? Fats go rancid pretty quickly when they get warm.

yes, i ordered this last year minus the duck fat and it came with 1 chilled ice pack enclosed within styrafoam packaging.

This truffle butter is great! It’s an auto-buy for me.

And by the way,duck fat is shelves stable .My grand mother used to keep it in a clay jar around the house (sometime with truffles inside)
just like our butters ,it will become soft with warmer temperature,just putting them back in the freezer and they will keep for a while.
by the way try to cook french fries with the duck fat and add some black truffles just before serving : A Perigourdine specialty!A must