Truffle Butter and Duck Fat (3)

Aux Délices des Bois Truffle Butter and Duck Fat 3-Pack
$34.99 (Normally $41.00) 15% off List Price
Black Truffle Butter 8 oz.
White Truffle Butter 8 oz.
Natural Duck Fat 7 oz.

Haven’t used this, but can testify that new potatoes pan fried in duck fat is sublime. My only question: Is ‘new potatoes’ a singular noun, or plural? I’m thinking both.

What is the shelf life for gifting purposes (if I don’t give it away immediately)? Refrigeration required?

The truffle butter is pretty good, I got some a long time ago and keep it frozen.
Haven’t tried duck fat…that would be me scrunching up my nose.

yes, I am scrunching up my nose at the Duck Fat.
yes, I am happy to get out of the way to make room for those who wish to ingest duck fat.

sorry, gotta say “Ewwwww”

I’m scrunching my nose at it - because, if I’m not mistaken, the things they do to fatten up ducks is flat out cruel. So, if being a culinarian means torturing your food before you eat it, by all means, I’ll step out of the way. Enjoy your tortured baby cow, cooked in force fed duck.

(Dude, I got all kinds of preachy here… oops?)

Spoiler alert: Lamenting wine.woot of past…

I miss the offers with just the truffle butter. Duck fat should be limited to duck a la ronge. Can’t waste $13.33 on something I’d never open…

To Thumperchick: I would say, don’t worry about getting “preachy,” when you’re showing concern for inhumane treatment of animals. I don’t know how they fatten ducks up for this duck fat. I do know that when they’re fattening them to use their livers for pate, they definitely torture them.

Nah, you’re thinking of pate. Free range ducks are fatty birds. It would be nice to know if these ducks were humanely treated. Good question.

That tub o’ duck fat seems reminiscent of the dude who made soap out of Silvio Berlusconi’s liposuction fat.

First off ducks are naturally fatty birds and their natural fat is rendered to make duck fat. Pâté is made from normal duck livers that can also be made from chicken, goose, etc. you all are trying to talk about foie gras which is made by sticking a tube down a ducks throat while they aren’t allowed to move which creates a luxiourious amazing product that I am happy to eat. But people are happy to eat truffles that are foraged by dogs that can be mistreated so they don’t eat the truffles when they are found.

Oh jeebus! I read soup…

If God didn’t want people to eat duck fat there would be eleven commandments instead of only ten.

I can’t believe I just ordered this without making it myself. I guess since I now live alone, I’ve just gotten lazy, huh?

There was a whole lotta stuff not covered in the ten commandments…

We have had the truffle butter for over 18 months in the freezer. It still tastes great. It’s especially great melted on a fine hot steak…cooked in duck fat of course!

Hey THUMPERCHICK…are you named after the rabbit in Bambi? Or is there some other reason for your nickname??

I know right? People and their high horses. I bet these same people talking smack about the duck fat are more than happy to eat some much more questionable bacon or breakfast sausage many times throughout a year.

What I will comment on is that their Truffle butters ARE amazing! I buy them always, they make a great gift to bring to anyone for anything! :slight_smile: