Truffle Butter and Duck Fat (3)

Truffle Butter and Duck Fat 3-Pack
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(1) Black Truffle Butter 8 oz.
(1) White Truffle Butter 8 oz.
(1) Natural Duck Fat 7 oz.


YES!!! it’s finally back. Just ran out of duck fat last week.
This is awesome. Back in for 2 this time.
Now if only the olive oil and balsamic vinegar comes back soon.

Really frustrating that Woot doesn’t sell this without the duck fat anymore. Quite a few of us love the truffle butter(s) but don’t eat duck fat (for various reasons). How about offering them separated next time (or as a Woot plus) please?

oh, if only I wasn’t piss-poor broke this week…

This truffle butter is the REAL DEAL… there is a ton of little minced up truffles in there- none of that fake oil stuff that smells WAY too chemically truffley. You get the bold pop of the black truffles, and the flowery nuances of the white.

Now duck fat… That shiz is manna from heaven. I love to cook those itty bitty new potatoes in that with some onions and fines herbes… with some toast with white truffle butter, and a soft-cooked egg smeared on top (or dipped in. No judgement here). It’s Eggs and potatoes on steroids. Breakfast of true champions!

Maybe I will finagle some funds around this week…

sigh…it took us so long to coax the fat out of that duck. But we get that it’s not everybody’s thing. Hopefully you can enjoy the butters and gift the fat - or use it to fix squeaks and gears. Thanks for chiming in. If anyone out there has questions, we at Aux Delices des Bois are standing by.

Where do we send the check :slight_smile: ?? Seriously, you definitely have all the right moves with the truffle butters, and your breakfast recipes had my stomach growling. Hope you can scare up some dough to stock up.

I was going to buy some, but found the ingredients online and “natural flavorings” are a no-no for me. . . too high a chance that there will be excitotoxins in it. :frowning:


Black Truffle: Butter, black truffle, black truffle oil (sunflower), salt, truffle juice, natural flavoring.

White Truffle: Butter, white truffle, porcini mushroom, salt, natural flavoring

Duck Fat: Duck fat

Perfect timing. I’d gotten the truffle butters, oh geeze, 2-3 years ago, roughly. Put it in the freezer and used sparingly, it’s lasted me, but I only have 2 small pieces of the white truffle left. I will say this works so much better than the time I tried to make my own truffle butter. The flavors are much more pronounced and even. And well, I won’t argue with duck fat. :wink:

I tried this last time because of all the rave reviews. I might get lynched for saying this, but they weren’t really my thing. I consider myself a pretty good food snob, but I don’t think I love the truffle flavor as much as you need to love it to enjoy these flavor punches. I will say the shipping was excellent and I enjoyed trying them, even if they weren’t a big hit in our kitchen. The tip to keep them in the freezer works well. Easy to pop them out and grab a small scoop to flavor something.

The duck fat is also a unique flavor. It’s interesting and if you like it, this is an excellent source for it. There’s a flavor in it I don’t particularly care for if the recipe calls for enough to notice that it’s not just regular butter/oil.

Odd thing I’ve ended up using a lot of my duck fat for…awesome substance to season iron pans with. If you read up on the curing process you’ll see that originally people used strait animal fat. That’s hard to get your hands on, but crisco just doesn’t have the same great results. The duck fat is good…has a low smoke point and can help give you that shiny black sheen on your favorite cast iron pan with only a little pat of it.

How do you recommend these are stored? Comments seem to indicate that freezing works well. I know that the butters get moldy after a few weeks in the fridge, so interested in better storage approach. Thanks.

Freezer, definitely. I bought this probably 2 years ago and it’s still good in my freezer. Only problem is that you forget to use it like I do… but it will last a really long time.

Ahhhhh fudge. Saw these in a thumbnail on the homepage and thought they were shave soaps. Colonel Conk maybe. Maybe next time woot…

Well, there’s another idea for truffle butter. You’d certainly make a lot of friends!

Good question. The butters are high in butterfat, so they not only carry the flavor through endless temperature changes, but also are good for about 6 weeks in the fridge and 18 months frozen. Having Black Truffle Butter next to the eggs and cauliflower will certainly inspire and enhance your recipe repertoire.

Let me reassure you. I mix the spices. No glutamate, no common allergens, no unpronounceable junk. In fact, the spices are so simple (they’re in most people’s kitchens), it’s almost embarrassing-so we shroud them in the mysterious term “flavorings”.

Not a far leap from cleaning cast iron to cooking in it. Try sauteeing potatoes, latkes, wild mushrooms, and fried chicken.

If you live on the north side of Chicago, maybe we could work something out. I don’t like the butters but can always use duck fat.

He’s in So Cal.