Truffle Butter and Duck Fat (3)

Duck fat???

Another reason for Ducks of the world to diet.

Howdy! Are you with the company? How about a friendly introduction? We’re all family here.

are these only offered once a year? i love my butters (haven’t used the duck fat yet), but still have about half left. i pretty much just use them to finish pastas. it gives otherwise boring noodles a bit of an elegant kick.

last year’s thread, fyi:

Just ordered. I’m such a sucker for any other cooking items that they have on woot.

How about some recipes?

Hey, no need to only use the butter as a desperate measure to save malingering noodles. You can do lots of upgrading with these luscious, irresistable fats.

Thought you’d never ask! We use the duck fat - it’s heart-healthy as fats go - for starting soups, stews, chili, home fries; frying potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips; and ramping up pie dough flakiness. For full recipes, click here:

Howdy too! I’m François, one of the proud founders and co-owner of half the debt of Transatlantic Foods! Please buy till it hurts to get the bank off our backs!:slight_smile:

C’mon! I still see some holes on the map! Mississippi, Alabama, Idaho, Wyoming et al.-you know who you are! You’re gonna let Rhode Island beat you? (Nothing against RI-they’re just such a small state!)

In for one. Love. Love love love love love love love love love love love love love. So hard, I love these. So hard.

Butters are great on pastas, potatoes, and meats. If you haven’t had potatoes cooked in duck fat you haven’t lived (unless you’re a vegan or vegetarian in which case, do your thang, no judgment).

I love truffle butter and duck fat day on Woot.

Just to let anyone who wonders how good this product is, F bombs roll out of my hubbies mouth whenever I use them on rissoto, steaks, etc.

I prefer the black truffle to the white truffle so I’m out on this one as I’d only use 1 of the three.

Try the black truffle butter sautéed on fresh brussel sprouts. My family eats them as fast as I can make them. Love this stuff…highly recommend. Just wish we could order piece meal.

Go, veggies! Also great on white or green asparagus, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, chestnut soup, white bean purée…

Truffle and I go way back. I’m in on this deal for sure. Funny to see that most wooters wooting this deal are from Washington and Colorado, both states to legalize Marijuana…makes sense.

Thanks everyone for your comments, raves, disappointments, and pithy quotables. We hope you enjoy your truffle butters and duck fat! We look forward to a repeat performance.

Holy smokes that was FAST shipping. I came home to find my box of goodies already on the front porch!

I simply cannot believe how fast this was delivered. Thank you so much, now I have extra goodies to make Thanksgiving much tastier!

Yay for fast shipping, but my box got mispacked. I have two white truffle butters and duck fat, but no black truffle. I put in a request, hopefully I can get my black truffle butter (the best imho)

Hi, I have seen a couple comments on here about fast shipping, so just wondering when I might be able to get a tracking number? Haven’t gotten one yet or seen anything about when the package will arrive since I ordered on the 21st (want to surprise the foodie boyfriend before we leave on Wed for the holiday).


My order came next day! Amazing! I’ll be bringing them home to share with family at thanksgiving.