TruLink 4-Port HDMI Selector Switch

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TruLink 4-Port HDMI Selector Switch
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’m sure it’s not, but this just seems expensive for what it does.

I need one of these!!!

Wait, I don’t have anything hdmi… oh well… next?

this is odd… don’t most TVs already have an ‘input select’??

this is expensive for what it does.

This thing reminds me of the days I had a “video switcher” for all my VHS, Beta, Handi-Cam, etc.

Remember those old A/B serial and parallel ports switchers…

But what if it only has one HDMI port…

These are great for power outages, or when flooding is a concern. My ex used to travel with one (they’re airplane safe), and used them when she jogged alone at night. She did run into problem in a public bathroom, however, and had to leave it outside. They’re also haven’t been tested on animals.

Reviews on Amazon were less than flattering.

Cheaper TVs only have one or two HDMI ports. Blue-Ray players. cable boxes, computers and video games now use HDMI output for HD material so it’s easy to run out of ports.

I heard they can detect when women are having their period…

Yeah, I like all those old switchers because they were all passive and didn’t need a power supply. All these new switches are electronic, requiring a separate power supply. The most annoying ones use a huge power adapter which takes up two outlets.

Pretty sure my home theater receiver serves the same function… plus many others. No thanks

what? I’ve bought 3 of these at separate times, each one less than 15 bucks. including shipping.

I got a 3 port HDMI selector switch with remote from Meritline for $4…just sayin’.

Well, a piece of toilet tissue can do that so why spend $49.99 + $5 s/h? Heck, my aching ears could tell whenever my ex was having her period. This thing does come with a remote control, however.

Put this $50 towards a new tv?

Lots of cheaper options with the same functions at Just search for “HDMI Switch Remote”.

Seems like a waste of technology to me. This is like a tax for people that didn’t wait to buy a new HDTV or went cheap?