TruLink 60GHz Wireless HDMI HDTV Kit

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TruLink 60GHz Wireless HDMI HDTV Kit
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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thats pretty cool. Anyone got experience with this thing?

crud, and i wanted a tron fathead too. eff.

this looks decent

60 GHz is a range?

I don’t know what this does, but it’s shiny and I want one.

Range: 60GHz
should be
Range: 33 feet

in the Specifications: sections

there are cheaper items that do this. linksys has the best

Only one (5-star) review on Amazon:

Half what they’re going for on Amazon (though there’s exactly one rating and it’s 5 stars).

Still I have use for this thing so I’ll give it a shot.

Why would I need one of these?

Looks like it’s line of sight only, no using it between walls or floors. That’s according to the one amazon review (5*, btw) and the mention in the features listed here about “in-room components”.

Yikes. With the amount of people wooting off today, this is gonna be here for a looooooooong time.

If you stand between them can you watch TV in your brain? Right before it melts into a proteinaceous puddle?

to wall mount without hanging wires (provided that the power outlet is behind the TV).

If your wife doesn’t like the idea of HDMI cables dangling off the TV and you can’t fish them through the wall. If you’re idiot IT guy only ran VGA to the projector in the conference room but it supports HDMI, etc…
You want to connect your lap top to the your TV but don’t want to run wires across the room ,etc…

Can someone please explain what this thin does so that I can understand.

$459 at Newegg

good for a projector…