TruLink 60GHz Wireless HDMI HDTV Kit

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TruLink 60GHz Wireless HDMI HDTV Kit
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Damn, if this was Tron branded I’d be in for 3.

Simple remote I think I could figure it out.

Aw man, this actually WOULD stream netflix . . . so much for that joke. :frowning:

what is this thing?

30ft HDMI cable works better

The remote is a bit too complicated for my taste.

Here’s a video review of the device:

Another long wait im guessing

$239 on amazon, 4.5 stars with 2 reviews

60GHz isn’t in the US amateur radio band. I would get this if it were in band and could do a little more hacking on the RF side of things.

Wireless substitute for an HDMI cable.

These are line-of-sight only

$10 cheaper than the last woot, but the same limited use. Hope they don’t have a lot of these.

These would let you put your multi-media computer next to your recliner, fo easier key-board and CD tray access, but still use the 50" HDTV mounted on the mantel as your display.

Assuming your 'puter has a functioning HDMI output. Mine never would work properly.

Conceptually a very cool product, but not terribly practical at the moment.

You can separate “in-room” components up to 33’ and requires line of sight?


link when it was sold on sellout.woot

guess it didnt sellout?

Let’s see…it was $1.99 for a six foot cable a while ago…ummmmm…guess I can live with those unsightly cables!

Here’s a descriptive guide on how to operate this remote control: