TruLink 60GHz Wireless HDMI HDTV Kit

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TruLink 60GHz Wireless HDMI HDTV Kit
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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The specifications list a “range” of 60GHz; would 60GHz not be the “frequency” instead?

DO WANT!!! just can’t justify the expense… bummer.

this will not work through walls 99% of the time fyi.

Wireless HDMI? Ick. Wires ftw.

As low as $145.49 with shipping on Amazon…

Not wonderful history or ratings (93%), but…

While I can see the use for this, I think the write-up’s mentioning of “small apartment” is rather missing the entire point. Given the cost of even lengthy (15 foot+) HDMI cabled on Monoprice, this device is much more intended (as its price should reflect) for LARGE spaces - generally the sort not commonly found in small apartments.

im putting out carp bait

What the deuce is this and what the deuce does it due? Why must I say deuce!..Deuce!!

Does anyone else find the single “input” button on the remote as entertaining as I do?

The value of the comedy in that remote is worth the price alone!

I did see that and that alone is a show-stopper. Complex remotes scare the bejeebers out of me.

I was about to buy this thing but after reading this Amazon review it’s a no-go:

when I say wootoff my wife laughs and asks me why I’m talking about a reindeer like I have a speech impediment.

How many sources does this support? Am I missing something?

But there are two buttons - HDMI and Sleep, I was hoping for a dual function, HDMI and Sleep

I find it quite relaxing actually. You only need to choose between input 1 and … well… that’s it input 1. See no more stress over what input you are going to watch. LOL

Hey, I got pulled away from my religious Woot-Off following, did the big old cat happen yet? I didn’t see it on the woot listings, but I wanted to be sure…

You’re wondering what it will “due”. I’m wondering what it can DO.

You’re wondering what it will “due”. I’m wondering what it can DO.Sorry about the double post…