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what is the warrantee on refurbished or factory reconditioned tvs and what is the difference in the two?

Same thing.

I ordered a magnavox 40" smart tv for my girlfriends birthday just last week and was very dissapointed. I received it a few days ago. Upon inspecting the box there was a significant gash. I was worried but had hopes that maybe it would have been protected by padding of some sort. After opening the box I examined where the damage on the box lined up with the tv and discovered it lined up with the middle of the screen where there was no padding. Being even more concerned I unwrapped the tv and plugged it in. My concerns were not unnecessary, as my TV screen was punctured by something during delivery or even before delivery and my screen was shattered. I emailed woot yesterday and have yet to hear from them. My girlfriends birthday is next week and am very dissapointed that she will not be able to have this tv. Seeing as I have not received any information back from woot yet I doubt that I will be able to get a replacement before her birthday. I am highly unsatisfied.

Wow, I used to think woot was so good too. They didn’t even respond to your email? They must truly not care at all about the people who pay them. I’ll probably stop using them based on that alone. Everyone else should too.

We respond to emails within 24-48 hours, we will be in touch with the above commenter as soon as we can.