TruSpec - 24-7 Eclipse Tactical Pants

Bought these twice from Woot. First time was black ones, bought 2 pair. 2nd time was the khaki.

The black ones feel like they aren’t made by the same material as the khaki.

The black ones attract every single piece of fuzz and they are hard to keep from wrinkling.

The khakis are smooth and never wrinkle. I love them. I will probably by 3 pair of khaki.

I especially like the cell phone pocket that is attached inside of the cargo pocket.


Not the same ones I got last time. I will probably still buy a pair or 2 of the khaki

Ugh… no one ever makes pants with a 36" length anymore. Did people just suddenly get shorter over the last decade or so?

Darn midgets.

Amazon link w/ reviews:

Wanted to be able to get these but the narrow through the thighs comments put me off and at 6"5’/220 lbs I’m not a load.

Really, Woot? Nothing larger than a 44?

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Amazon link w/ reviews:

Some Amazon reviews mention they are dress casual, stylish, and that one could wear them with a sport coat. One said they replaced Dockers with them, but my Dockers don’t start out looking rumpled!

I realize it doesn’t say they’re permanent press, but the photos make them seem that they’re permanently wrinkled!

For those of you that have them, is this really what they look like, or have they just been photographed in such a way to make them appear more “tactical?”

Woot has sold these pants, one with 65/35 material blend and one with 50/50 material blend. see which you have that you like before ordering. I think the pants are great and stay wrinkle free pretty well.

I bought a pair of these last time around. One in Khaki and one in Navy.

I’m 6-5, 300. I got 42x34. They actually look nice on me. They are not too tight in the thigh for me and I am a side of beef.

I could not conceal a weapon using an inside the waist band holster with these as they are not loose, but they actually look nice in my experience.


The pairs of tru-spec brand pants I have purchased are smooth and wrinkle free. I keep them flat, hung on coat hanger, so any wrinkling potential I would not be fully knowledgeable on. Also, these are not the exact pants I have; same brand, same material.

Not 65%-35% as advertised. I received 100% nylon. I still like them, though, so I won’t ask to return or refund.


Not only are these 100% nylon and not the 65% Polyester 35% Cotton in the description, they are much smaller around the waist than other Tru Spec pants I’ve bought from Woot.

I’ll be returning these. Hopefully I don’t have to pay shipping because of the inaccurate description.