Trust Levels




Step 1: See if Woot has any job openings
Step 2: Get that job, you little go-getter
Step 3: Work for Woot doing something or other (it seems to involve a lot of masks)
Step 4: Post here with your new level 6 status and rub it in all our faces (see @davejlives post for inspiration)


We do have open jobs right now!


Anything where I don’t have to move to Seattle or Fort Worth?

Going from Engineering -> Nursing -> Engineering would be interesting…

I figured if/when I was done with being a part of a healthcare facility (inpatient/outpatient/admin) I would go into Medical Supplies/Equipment but Woot sounds like more fun…


Achievement Unlocked: Member Status

Countdown to Regular Status: 85 days, 294 topics to view, 14k posts to view


Do these jobs involve actual work?
Do I really need to show up?
When is my first raise?
I like to start at the top. Is the top job open?

Whew… I have so many questions.
Thank you.


Random Update to Countdown to Regular Status:

  • Days: 32 of 50 out of the last 100 days visited
  • Topic Views: 494 of 500 Topics Viewed
  • Post Reads: 12.k of 20k Posts Read
  • Likes Received: 464 of 20 (thanks for the love)
  • Likes Given: 1.3k of 30 (lots of love)

This is starting to feel more and more achievable. Hopefully this doesn’t get blocked at work…


Tell ya what:

I’l tell you what (currently non-existent) position I want at Woot, and you make it happen.

In addition, I want the creation of a new group with the name of my choosing, as well as full administrative rights for said group.



Well? :wink:


Well, I don’t know when it happened, but it happened. I got bumped up to “Regular” for my trust level. Current stats for those of you playing at home:

  • Days: 62 (Need 50 out of the last 100 days visited)
  • Topic Views: 984 (Need 500 Topics Viewed)
  • Post Reads: 23.1k (Need 20k Posts Read)
  • Likes Received: 996 (Need 20)
  • Like Given: 2.9k (Need 30)

Now to be a good wooter and get promoted…


Yow! I guess I have some catching up to do. 12k post reads to go!


It just shows that I spend entirely too much time on the forums…


Also means more likes…


Well now I have to creep the forums more to prove I’m not basic.