Trust Me!

Ordered as soon as I saw it; nice work, patrickspens

Very convincing irradiating glow. Guess the craving for pizza came with the mutations : )

Also: and why would you say that thing about the wood chipper, woot writers. Do you never sleep. Or do you just not want me to?

Well, there is just no way that this isn’t a good idea!

I too am an admirer of the ooze. It looks so bright, I actually checked twice to make sure there wasn’t a specialty ink used in this print.

“Trust me”? Isn’t that what Pluto said to Persephone? What the horse said to the Trojans? What Brutus said to Caesar?

Nothing good happens after someone says “trust me” - except this shirt, which is really good. It totally makes me giggle! Congratulations on the print, Patrick!

Aww…Brutus and the senate were just trying to give ol’ Caesar a nice pat on the back for a job well done. Just like this shirt though, accidents happen if proper safety procedures aren’t taken.

Something tells me this troublemaker will soon be wearing an orange mask.

It’s like a sign I saw recently: 25$ upcharge for losses that occur after someone says: “Hey guys, watch this!” Saw this and had to buy it for my son who is a TMNT fan extraordinaire.

Does any of this GLOW in the DARK?
Yeah, I can read Pantone Color(s): - White - 375C - 7694C - Black - 382C - 7739C, but I don’t know if any of those GLOW.

Would love to see a side sale of @patrickspens work. He has some fantastic designs.

No glow-in-the-dark. We denote when a shirt uses GITD ink.

You can count on it.

Is that not a crime against humanity? I demand a glow in the dark version this instant! APPEASE ME.

I agree! Even just a little glow would have been super amazing.

Beautiful design.

I thought they were Alien Turtles now. What does radioactive waste have to do with the Turtles now that Michael Bay has his hands on things? This concept of radioactivity confuses and infuriates us! /sobsinacorner

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^ Press

How did a straight rip-off win!!! No wonder I haven’t bought a woot shirt in forever! Hope DeadFrog gets a cut at least… :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up! Will be buying this shirt now and hopefully as a sweatshirt later. This might make a nice backpack as well.