TRX® Suspension Trainer + Door Anchor

Found it! And I CTO’d the crap out of it. (For the techies, it was an mp4 and not a Youtube link … needed to use that ever magical autostart=false on the video source tag).

Regarding use in hotel rooms: I have a cheap knock-off made by Reebok and have successfully used it in hotel rooms. Hotel room doors tend to be sturdier than doors in private homes, and are ideal. The problem tends to be that the entryway into any house/room tends to be quite narrow, limiting some of the exercises you can do. Also, an of the ab-centric stuff requires a ceiling anchor.

I was excited until I realized I had to pay sales tax. Boo!

Good Deal

is there an error in price? a hundred dollars for just a few tapes and some plastic. Shouldn’t it be $9.99?

According to pics, it only works in scenic locations.

When I think of trx; I imagine some guy camping alone with some rope but alot of trees…

Honestly can’t take these prices seriously.