TRX Suspension Training Kit

Reviews and Vids over at the Product Page

Not a deal. Here is the same thing for the same price. The product on Woot is not the PRO 229 version, but the FIT beginner one for the same price.

Makes me think of this…

Not sure I can tell the difference between TRX models on their product page. They all look like they have the same components.

From the buyer, here are the differences:
The Fit isn’t a more advanced set. The one we’re selling is not sold directly on the TRX site, but it uses the same industrial grade material and technology on the straps as the Tactical Set, so it has much better build quality and durability than the Fit. It just doesn’t have the12-week Tactical Conditioning Program that the Tactical Set has. The only other retailer selling the one we have is REI here.

A ton of money for something i can assemble at lowes for 25 bucks

I second that. Looks like a bunch of straps and clasps made to look fancy. I personally wouldn’t pay 29.99 for it, much less 129.99.