Try Deez Tri-D's

Hey, they’re showing that Mummies one at the Pacific Science Center with the King Tut exhibit!

Who’s seen these movies on the big screen?

I’ve seen these! Top Quality, especially with the new 3D TV’s out there!

If you have a Samsung 3D TV (or Blu-ray player) check for a free app from Samsung called “Explore 3D”. Last I checked, there were some free 3D videos similar to these. If you have a good interweb connection, they look pretty nice.

These would make a great gift, but Amazon sells the pre-packaged trilogy, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Film Trilogy (Dolphins & Whales/Sharks/Ocean Wonderland Blu-ray 3D Blu-ray), for only $39.99 which includes free shipping. This is not much of a deal.