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2nd chance sales begin the day after originally offered, for an extra $5. Available shirts are from current and prior week, plus the 20 highest sellers of the remainders.
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Current Week:
4282 = Try Me
4275 = Cassette Taps
4270 = The Thing That Scoots
4266 = Entrance Ramp for the Soul Expressway
4265 = The Creative Thought Process (Derby 16 Third Place)
4260 = Diversity (Derby 16 Runner-Up)
Prior Week:
4222 = Survival Tracking Guide (Derby 16 Winner)
4200 = Plump Horse
4146 = Shrimp Buffet!
4141 = Take Me Out
4133 = Floating Squishy
4132 = USA 2145 (Derby 15 Third Place)
4131 = Touring With The Big G (Derby 15 Runner-Up)
RSVP – Reckoning Survivors Very Purchaseable:
01 Say No To Scurvy (Derby 14 Winner)
02 Ain’t No Party Like A Boston Party (Derby 15 Winner)
03 Cool Breeze (Derby 7 Winner)
04 Candy Corn Cannibalism (Derby 13 Runner-Up)
05 Счастливый Пятидесятый День рождения!
06 Camisa de los Muertos
07 The Cake is a Liar (Derby 14 Runner-Up)
08 Close Encounters of the 2-D Kind (Derby 12 Winner)
09 Zombie Season (Derby 6 Winner)
10 Wave Function
11 GI Metro
12 Pumpkin and Ghost (Derby 13 Winner)
13 Chicago Skyline (Derby 10 Runner-up)
14 Sugar BSOD (Derby 14 Third Place)
15 Decomposition (Derby 7 Third Place)
16 Dramatic Jackalope (Derby 11 Winner)
17 Capture of the Puffaluffs (Derby 11 Runner-up)
19 Urban Meltdown (Derby 10 Winner)
18 Nobody’s Perfect
20 Uh-Oh
SPECIAL EXEMPTION - available until further notice:
shirt.w00t! Launch

RIP – Reckoned Into Perpetuity:
BreakfasTopo (Derby 4 Winner) – Late Halloween Night (Derby 13 Third Place) – Pirate Penguin (Derby 8 Winner) – Circumlocution – Yokohama – Wagoneer – For The Birds – Sucka – ApeLad – Autumn Breeze (Derby 9 Third Place) – Backyard Brawl – Follow The Leader (Derby 12 Runner-Up) – Die or Treat – Unatomy – Ghosts – Sun Decay (Derby 12 Third Place) – Fire Swallower – Hot Wings – Avocado Man – Escape of the Puffaluffs (Derby 11 Third Place) – Four Out Of Five Monsters Agree – Vaejovis Spinigeris – Sk8scape – Sore Thumbs – Go Rock Beat Paper*(Derby 6 Third Place)* – Concrete Cityscape (Derby 10 Third Place) – Thumb War – Man-Boy – Bird-Powered Robot – Lady of Spain, Matadore You – The Rustic – Chimpanzee Robusto – Sea Chimp – Suicidal Maple Leaf (Derby 9 Winner) – RTFO – Summer To Fall (Derby 9 Runner-up) – Oh Well – Panda Polo (Derby 6 Runner-up) – Bushidō (Derby 8 Runner-up) – Pencildelic – More Skulls – Stop Digital Piracy (Derby 8 Third Place) – Perched Among Blossoms – Brain Freeze – Bats! – Jellyfishalicious (Derby 5 Winner) – Mental Notes (Derby 7 Runner-up) – Loved By The Sea – Sewer Monster – Deer By Numbers – L’Homme à L’Intérieur du Chat --Snake Bouquet – Skatetown – Reality Isn’t For Everyone (Derby 3 Winner) – The Organic Light Beam (Derby 5 Runner-up) – Son of Kabuki – Sunset Tree (Derby 5 Third Place) – Day Off – Ka-Boom – Green Space – Stereo From Above – Unhappy Meeting (Derby 2 Co-winner) – Rat Rod – Duct Tape Man – See-Sawlitude --Threat Level: Doctorow – Snowmen In Heat (Derby 2 Co-winner) – Driving To Work – If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail – Pirate Trip – Hello Squidbucket! – Nerdy Laundry – American Samurai – Cube One (Derby 1 Winner) – Too Hungry – Scales & Bubbles – Sci-Fi Weenie Roast – Robot Service – The Must-See Comedy Shirt of the Summer – Word Problem – This Here’s My Unicorn-Huntin’ Gun

uhhhh cute a week ago but not for AFTER turkey day

No thanks…but these holiday shirts really need to be released ahead of the holiday so we can have them for it!

should of had this a week ago so it’d be here to wear tomorrow, otherwise, this is just dumb

Not a fan of the color. No thanks. Though, the holiday spirit is certainly there.

That’d be a no. Looking forward to eating you, or a relative of you soon though.

I love the idea, but I’m not sold on the execution. Something about the lack of anything resembling hands to grip the weapons with.

Also, why wait till thanksgiving day to sell it? Even overnighting it won’t get it here in time.

Wow, that is absurd. That turkey could tenderize some meat with those weapons, surely that’s all he would do… unless… wait… you’re not suggesting turkeys could be violent menaces to society… are you?

What is the point of having a thankgiving theme shirt that you can wear until 5 days after the holiday. This should have been at least 2 days ago to give us a chance.

Would have been nice to wear for Thanksgiving. A little late now.

This would have been had they offered this one last week so we could wear it on Thanksgiving

Amusing, but too cartoony for me. Still, I like that it’s absurd enough to be, technically, a year-round shirt (because on a shirt, what’s the difference between a turkey and a chicken, anyway?)

That said, this, like most of the hallowoots, will probably be a quick reckoning

Meh. Try it again before thanksgiving. Thanks anyway but i’ll pass.

would have been good three days ago :frowning:

I like it, but I doont want to order just to wait another YEAR to be able to wear again…

Nice Timing! Not…

Woot, please, let users create shirts for holidays… 7 of the 10 reckoned shirts are user created designs…

That shirt made me wish I was vegetarian!

This can go in the closet for 364 days i guess. way to wait until thanksgiving to sell this shirt. Fail

i’m all for silly but that doesn’t even make sense.