Trying to get a message to steveo1019


I’d like to speak with you about your shirt Left Brain vs. Right Brain. Way back in Nov of 2008 when you posted this, I always wanted to put it on a laptop. I’ll be purchasing a new one soon and was wanting to either laser engrave this or get a stenciled sticker for it. Would you be willing to give me the vector art or something equivalent that I could hand to an engraver/sticker make to do this?

You can message me privately on here or send an email to {{volmod edit: no personal info in public posts, please.}}


Three other ways that the artist might see your request.

  1. Repost this in world of woot shirts.
  2. If you can find a post by the artist, you can send them a Private Message.
  3. If you know what day the shirt was sold, you can post this on the thread for that shirt.

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