Trying to Stay Positive

Looks about right in the clenched teeth, teetering on terror scale.

Me. Yep, that’s so me.
Congrats on the print Dinomike!

Always stay positive because If u don’t u will live life ruff!!!

Two atoms walk down the street. The first says, “hey I think I just lost an electron!” The second asks, “are you sure?” And the first replies, “Yes, I’m positive.”

… when you are surrounded by negativity?

Can Hydrogen hold 3 electrons? Just curious… I took my one required CHEM class and GTFO. Orbital something something valance electrons something something.

Awesome shirt – would buy if shipping didn’t increase price by 50%.

Yes, that’s called Tritium - you might recognize it from the movie Spider-Man 2. :wink:

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Great shirt, DinoMike. I’m thinking about getting it. :slight_smile:

Tritium is one proton, two neutrons, one electron.

Three electrons is lithium. Rather appropriate, since lithium is used as a mood stabilizer.

Trying to Stay Positive
When everything around you is 2 negative.

Sorry to be the geek here but no, it is not.
Tritium is a Hydrogen isotope and therefore only has only one electron. The ‘tri’ comes from the the nucleus containing 1 proton and 2 neutrons.

Since there are only three electrons; Lithium is the element displayed on the shirt.

Yea isotopes are different numbers of neutrons which don’t change the polarity. And I thought atomic number was based off of protons, which here looks like 1 and polarity was based on whether you had more or less than equal electrons. It’s been a while but I’m not sure you can strip away protons (pretty sure that’s alchemy.)

Deuteride, apparently.
(Right? because the proton cancels one out, so it’s -2?)

…to further the chemistry geekiness:

So I get that Lithium has 3 electrons, but according to what I remembered Lithium has 3 protons and 4 neutrons:

The nucleus of this atom appears to only have a single object. So we have 1 proton and 3 electrons. This appears to be an impossibility, outside an intense magnetic field:

Guys, I’m in awe of the scientific debate my design has kicked off! I’m just glad you haven’t noticed the nucleus has a cartoon face.

When you look reeeeeealy close…they all do.

Faces are standard here. :slight_smile:

You get your scientific information from Springer?!

OMG, Lithium, the best mood stabilizer is pictured???!!! That just brought this shirt up an entire log of wonderful!!!

G R E A T Design!!!